A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping

Vaping isn’t as hard as it looks, even for a beginner. Transitioning from taking traditional cigarettes to inhaling an electronic cigarette is viewed by many as a step toward improving one’s health. 

While many would suggest that quitting smoking altogether is the best decision, some people believe that vaping may be used to gradually reduce health risks that accompany cigarettes and other tobacco products.

If you’ve finally decided to use a vaping device as a ‘safer’ way to get your nicotine fix, here are some things that you need to know:

Why Was Vape Invented?

Electronic cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking around 2005. Its inception was attributed to a Chinese pharmacist named Hok Lin, who was a smoker who wanted to quit after losing his father to lung cancer.   

The industry continues to grow and manufacturers periodically come up with various advancements for vaping use. In 2019, the global vape market was appraised at USD$12.42 billion. The industry is expected to grow to 23.8% from 2020 to 2027. Countries with the highest number of vapers include China, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

What’s The Difference Between Smoking and Vaping?  

In traditional smoking, you’d need to burn cigarettes, cigars, and dried tobacco to get your nicotine fix. Comparatively, as an alternative to burning tobacco leaves, vapers have to use a portable device to heat the e-juice, or e-liquid, to generate the vapor.    

Burning tobacco is said to produce carcinogens that are considered to be highly hazardous to your body. Many proponents of vaping claim that you no longer need to burn tobacco when using the device, which may lessen your exposure to carcinogens.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Both actions are geared towards consuming or inhaling nicotine. If you’ve been smoking for several years and can’t seem to function without it, you probably have a nicotine addiction

Experts say that there are no major differences between vaping and smoking. A 2018 Public Health England (PHE) report indicated that e-cigarettes can be 95% less dangerous than smoking. Additionally, the same study discovered that 20,000 individuals quit smoking after trying e-cigarettes for a while.  

Still, health experts warn that vaping shouldn’t be viewed as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking since it can still damage the lungs and cause chronic lung diseases. 

What Are the Components of a Vape?

Check any online vape store and you’ll get a dizzying choice of various devices, tanks, mods, and e-liquids. If you haven’t heard about any of these terms or have heard about it but don’t know what it is, read the basic components of a vaping device: 

  • Battery source: Describes the battery and the device itself. The battery source is also called a ‘mod.’
  • Tank and atomizer: Refer to the section of the vape that keeps and heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapor. This region is also made up of wicking material and coils. An atomizer is also called a vaporizing compartment.
  • E-liquid: Also called vape juice, this thick, runny fluid is heated to produce the vapor that a user inhales.    

How Does a Vaping Device Work?  

If you’re just starting your vaping journey, you can purchase pre-assembled kits especially made for beginners, you can then modify the kit as you go along. Seasoned vapers have all the freedom to replace or upgrade their own mods to produce more favorable results.  

Once you fill the tank with vape juice, turn on the mod to provide power to your heating element or coil. This action generates the vapor inhaled by e-cigarette smokers.    

As a user, you’re supposed to inhale the vapor as you press the button. If you don’t draw the vapor into your mouth while pushing the button, it’ll likely damage your coil or the device itself.

Reminders Before Starting Your Vaping Journey

There are a few ways to get started. Before anything though, you have to read guides, like this, to learn the basics.

Below are a few reminders before you buy your very own beginner’s vape kit. 

  • Don’t be afraid to explore: You have to be patient and try different mod set-ups and vape juices so you can find a set-up that suits your preference. 
  • Signs that you need to make changes: If you’re vaping more frequently than you should or have a strong craving to smoke cigarettes, consider switching to an e-juice with a higher nicotine concentrate. You can also switch to a stronger battery or increase the device wattage to raise the amount of vapor and nicotine for every puff.  

Inversely, you can purchase a lower-powered device or an e-liquid with reduced nicotine concentration if you feel there’s too much.       

Final Thoughts 

While some people may use it to eventually kick an unhealthy habit, vaping isn’t devoid of health risks. There’s no established clinical finding of the safety of vaping, so e-cigarette smokers should use e-liquids in moderation.

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