How To Have a Date Night at Home

How To Have a Date Night at Home

How To Have a Date Night at Home

Date Night At Home

Date nights are important for cultivating a healthy relationship. Scheduling a regular date night gives you a chance to spend quality time with your significant other, and although it can be difficult to find time for a date in your busy schedule, it will be worth the effort. Going out can be fun, but no one says you can’t have a date from the comfort of your home when you can’t find a sitter or don’t feel like getting dressed up. So the next time you want to schedule a date night but aren’t sure how to fit one into your week, use these five tips to create an intimate date at home.

Put the Kids to Bed Early

If you have young kids, you can easily move up the bedtime routine so you can start your date night when they are sleeping. This may be more difficult if you have older kids, so you may have to find creative ways to get them to stay in their rooms. For example, you can give them a special movie to watch or get them set up with a board game, so you and your partner have time to focus on each other.

Have a Special Beverage

If you look forward to date nights because they allow you to drink special beverages, you can continue the tradition by learning how to mix your own cocktails. You can try a new cocktail for every date night you have at home, or you can find your favorite lemon drop shot recipe and make it every time you have a date night in.

Make a Special Snack

Food is a staple for most date nights, so you should plan for it if you want a date night in. If you have an early night planned, you could cook an elaborate meal with your partner. You can also order takeout if cooking doesn’t appeal to you. Try getting food from a different restaurant every time you have a date night at home to spice things up.

If your date night is planned for the later portion of the evening, you can opt to have a special snack instead of a meal. For example, make an elaborate dessert or buy your favorite snack food for the two of you to snack on throughout the date.

Set the Mood

The atmosphere is important for a romantic date night, making sure you set the mood with the right intimate setting. You want your date to be a little different from regular nights at home, so it’s nice to decorate the dining table. You can also play soft music in the background and dim the lights to make the setting even more romantic.

Find Entertainment

Traditional date nights often consist of dinner and a movie. This combination is nice because it provides entertainment but also gives you time to talk and reconnect. Try to find the same balance in your date night at home. Binge-watch your favorite show after cooking a nice meal together, or spend some time on the back patio around the fire pit while you make s’mores and reconnect. You could even snack while playing a board game. There are many options, so choose what appeals most to you and your partner.


Date nights are important for having a healthy, thriving relationship, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time away from home or money to enjoy your significant other. By using these five tips, you can have a great date from the comfort of your home and find it easier to fit dates into your busy schedules. So schedule a date night in and see how it benefits your relationship.

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  1. Edna Williams says:

    Date night can be traditional, but you can get really creative. It’s all about the memories! Thanks for the article!

  2. megan allen says:

    We need to make more time for date nights. We’ve been together for 10 years with 4 kids and it isn’t always easy. Thanks for the advice!

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