Sugar-Free Drinks: Here’s What You Should Know

Sugar-Free Drinks: Here’s What You Should Know

Authored by Athena Nagel

Sugar-Free Beverages

Food and beverages labelled as “sugar-free” have become the rave over the past few years. It has become necessary for those who have diabetes and a trend for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. But what is it exactly that makes no sugar drinks so popular, especially among the younger generation? Here are things to know about going sugar-free.

Lowers Chances of Getting Heart Attacks

Consuming a lot of sugar can increase your blood pressure. Heart attacks and cardiovascular issues are natural consequences of sugar overconsumption. Imagine drinking sugary drinks every single day, three times a day. If you already have a family history of high blood pressure, you may want to dial it down because you could end up dealing with heart conditions.

If you switch it up and consume drinks with less sugar, you will lower your chances of having a heart attack. You do not have to ditch soda or coffee right away because you will crave it until you give in. What you can do is to find alternatives such as sugar-free drinks so you can still enjoy your favourite drinks without suffering the consequences of consuming too much sugar.

Increases Energy Levels

If you are the type in need of a lot of energy because of the busy lifestyle, you will need sugar because it is an energy booster. However, too much of it can also have the opposite effect. You can suffer from a “sugar crash” after consuming too much sugar. It is a condition where you first become hyper, and then you suddenly lose all of your energy.

The insulin produced by the pancreas as a reaction to the sugar will give the energy boost you need. But if there is excess, it will be turned into fat, and you will have even less energy. By drinking sugar-free drinks, you will not experience that crash as you will not be consuming too much sugar in the first place.

There are plenty of healthy and tasty energy-boosting options that you can try out that will not give you a crash while also keeping your body and brain healthy. The healthy energy drinks and protein bars at are blended with nootropics, designed to give you more energy and increase mental and physical performance without a crash.

Prevents Memory Loss

Although it may not be complete prevention, opting for sugar-free drinks instead of sodas full of sugar will decrease the risk of memory loss since too much glucose in the brain can cause major issues later in life regarding your cognition and memory capacity. There will be a decline in the brain’s ability to function if you drink soda every day.

Too much sugar in your body can even lead to insulin deficiencies, and your brain needs insulin to help break down certain proteins. There are even some cases where people who have diabetes also get Alzheimer’s disease when they get older because of the decline in the brain’s function caused by the overconsumption of sugar. If you start drinking sugar-free drinks now, you will not have to worry about diabetes and memory loss.

It is good to know what you will be getting yourself into by switching from sugary drinks to no sugar drinks. It is not just about the taste. Sure, you will not get the same sort of relief by drinking liquids with high sugar content. But you will be the one to suffer the consequences in the end if you do not opt-out of sugar now.

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