Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneaker

Lugz Women's Amor Oxford Sneaker

Lugz shoes have always been favorites of mine!  I have so many pairs due to their durability, comfort and fashion.  Today I am bringing you the Lugz Women’s Amor Oxford Sneaker!

Lugz Women's Amor Oxford Sneaker

Lugz dominated the urban fashion boot and driving shoe market for men in the 1990s.  Since then, Lugz elevates the ladies sneaker game with the Amor Oxford Sneaker.  This Oxford Sneaker has a traditional look but is far from traditional in reality.

Amor Oxford Sneaker

Summer is finally upon us and what’s better?  A summer after COVID!  We all want to get out and about as soon as possible and resume our normal living!  These sneakers are chic and sporty and so much fun.  Never ever have I had such a lightweight pair of shoes.  In fact, when the box arrived in the mail I couldn’t believe there were even shoes in the box!

These shoes are sleek with a low profile upper on a thick but lightweight chunky sole.  No joke – I really feel like I am walking on a cloud.

Available in ice blue, mars red, rose, black/white and white.  All color options are very eye-catching and will really keep you fashionable and comfortable for a long time.

These shoes are like being barefoot BUT BETTER!


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