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Why Do You Need The Stuff of Success Services?

Do you need reliable business support so you can focus on and commit to your business?  The Stuff of Success is here to help! We can support your business in any way necessary – anything from data entry to content creation and more.

I am Athena Nagel and have been working as a blogger, writer, freelancer for more than ten years.  My team and I are here to meet your needs, big or small! Let’s review how we can help you.

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#1.  Time

We all value time.  There never seems to be enough of it.  There are deadlines, projects, and events that need to be managed and taken care of.  Not to mention, spend your money on the critical tasks and contracting with The Stuff of Success for the tasks that can be handled virtually, without overhead expenses, allows everything to move forward in an efficient and financially savvy manner.

#2.  Administration

If there is one thing we have all learned from COVID-19, many daily tasks can be managed remotely just as effectively, perhaps even more effective than having someone in the “brick and mortar” office.  We can partner with you on anything from calendar management to emails, answering phones, and more.  Partner with The Stuff of Success, and you will be empowered to delegate what you can, no matter what industry.

#3.  Financial Savings

Virtual Assistants allow you to grow your business without additional capital since we are a relatively cost-effective alternative to traditional employees. The money you save by partnering with The Stuff of Success will allow you to reinvest your money back into your business, increasing your return on your investments.

#4.  Online Support and Growth

If you are a small business owner, our services are even more critical because you will be able to get those tasks done that may otherwise not be due to a lack of hours in a day.  We can manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

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#5.  Customer Leads

The Stuff of Success can manage your social media accounts, messages, contact forms, and lead generation. We can partner you with potential customers by adding them to your database.

#6.  Content Creation

As seasoned bloggers and freelancers, we can also assist with research and content creation.  This can be very time-consuming for your business, and it is a task we thoroughly enjoy.

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#7.  Bookkeeping

We handle light bookkeeping needs and are willing to help you with whatever you need for your small business.  We can record expenses, create invoices, log receipts, etc.…

#8.  Customer Service

This one is very critical. What is your business without customers?  We can respond to your customers, draft emails and FAQs, follow up with your customers, and even handle complaints and requests.

#9.  Streamline Processes

We can help evaluate your processes and help you streamline tasks and procedures. Assessment and documentation of processes are valuable for an organization, and we can help.

#10.  Peace of Mind

You won’t need to worry about how tasks are getting done, who you will need to hire if they are temporary or permanent. We can partner with a certain number of hours per week, per project, blocks of time, etc.…

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