5 Tips for Hosting A Vape-Friendly Party


According to the CDC, a growing number of young adults, primarily high school students, are vaping. While vaping is lawful across most states, most vape enthusiasts, mainly those younger, do not know much about hosting vape events.

If you’re planning a vape party, make sure the venue is vape-friendly so that all of your attendees may participate. Remember that most people vape during parties for the sensation, while others do it to socialise.

To host a successful party, you must prepare to accommodate many individuals who vape for various reasons.

To simplify the process for you, we’ve put together five tips for throwing a fantastic vape-friendly event.

1.    Entertainment

Letting vaping become the sole activity at your event is not a good idea. Instead, bring in some entertainment to keep the party going. For example, you can hire a DJ to play music while the MC hosts several contests with prizes like free vapes for the victors. Additionally, playing video games while vaping will keep individuals occupied.

You can also tap into your visitors’ talents for free entertainment. Your visitors will be relaxed and enjoy themselves thanks to entertainment. Make the event one-of-a-kind and fashionable if you’ve got the money and time. Take advantage of this opportunity to treat your buddies to something memorable, especially if it happens to be on the weekend. Throw a pool party with massages for your visitors after they’ve had their fill of drinks and entertainment.

Also, keep in mind that certain vape products are not suitable for sharing and are incredibly fragile. Therefore, organising a vape party entails ensuring you have suitable vaping devices, from vape pens to variable voltage mods. Get a sturdy one that can endure all of your visitors’ mishandling and chaos. Also, make sure you have enough accessories, such as extra coils, atomisers, and batteries.

2.    Ensure There are Enough Supplies

At an event, just vaping isn’t enough. But various drinks, such as alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, or fresh coffee to jazz up your party. Lemonades and water and ice cubes, on the other hand, should always be present. You can pool your money if you are unable to afford pricey drinks. You might also request the support of your buddies to bring some drinks. Use cutlery that won’t break or hurt your guests to prevent losses at the event. You don’t want to lose money as a result of damage once the party is over.

3.    Include Some Snacks

Allowing your visitors to vape while hungry is not a good idea. You may not necessarily have to cook because you can fix some quick snacks. Bring a variety of snacks to reduce the chances of anyone missing out on their favourite. Introducing snacks at the party will provide guests with the energy they need to keep celebrating. It may also help to subside the side effects of alcohol and nicotine.

Fries, almonds, chocolates, and pizzas are all acceptable options.  However, don’t keep snacks that have the same tastes as vape products. Instead, you should add a different variety and flavour to the event.  And also, don’t limit yourself to your favourite picks. Also, consider what everyone at the event will enjoy.

4.    Provide a Spacious and well-ventilated venue for the event.

Whether you’re anticipating a giant or smaller crowd, ensure you get a vast party space to accommodate all guests. Note that vaping creates clouds in the air, and if a variety of flavours is involved, the odour can be overwhelming. Even if your visitors are vaping enthusiasts themselves, the vapour released from the vaporisers can irritate their lungs.

A larger party space will also enable your visitors to roam around freely and get personal space. Make the most of your balcony and backyard if you live in a relatively small house. Setting up an outside venue, on the other hand, necessitates extra caution because you don’t want to annoy your neighbours. When selecting a site for your vaping event, be cautious not to disrupt others’ serenity.

5.    Ask Your Guests to Help You Clean Up Afterwards

Lastly, ensure that everyone takes their own vape devices and vape bottles with them when leaving. It’s safe to assume that somebody will lose a part of their vaporiser, misplace their e-liquid container, or carry somebody else’s with them as they leave during the event. And that you’ll be sending misplaced bottles and drip-tips to your buddies when you locate them in between sofa cushions or beneath the seats a week after the party.

However, you could minimise these occurrences by asking as the event comes to a close to assist you in cleaning up and looking for anything missing. Urge visitors to look through their pockets for drip tips, bottles, and rigs that don’t belong to them. Ask for assistance looking under furniture, vacuuming, and shaking down your sofa. You might even come upon a few components of your own vaping devices that have been missing over the years.

Bottom Line

A dull vape party might be off-putting, especially if you can’t manage to keep your guests entertained. To liven things up, make sure you have enough entertainment, snacks, and drinks for everyone. To avoid losing money during the event, set up a vape serving station where you can keep track of everything. Choose appropriate vaping equipment and arrange for a spacious party venue with excellent ventilation.



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