Five Fantastic Gift Ideas for Movie Buffs
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Five Fantastic Gift Ideas for Movie Buffs

That Perfect Gift

For the movie lover in your life, you want to the gift that gives them the same sense of excitement as the opening titles at the cinema (having sat through endless adverts and trailers). Whether they love to see big explosions, get lost in a fantasy world or jump out of their skin at a gory horror, there will always be the perfect gift – you just have to find it.

Finding the perfect gift is easier said than done, we know that, but all it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to look where others wouldn’t. Generally, movie lovers adore something that holds more value than a simple throwaway gift that shows little actual thought put into it.

Ticket Stub Diary

If the person you are seeking a gift for is a fully-fledged cinema lover, then why not give them a way of collecting their ticket stubs so as they can look back on all the movie blockbusters they have been to see? A ticket stub diary is a fantastic present for movie lovers, as they will be able to get use out of it for years to come, making for a fantastic keepsake.

Chocolate Frog

Looking for a present for the Potterhead in your life? If so, then a Harry Potter chocolate frog makes for the perfect quirky little something that doubles up as a tasty treat. Of course, you shouldn’t expect your chocolate frog to quite as lively as the ones in the film and, additionally, the wizard card collectible inside won’t vanish after a few seconds. Buying this as a present won’t set you back too much, so is an ideal little something for any Potter fan you may know.

Projector and Projector Screen

This is the ultimate gift for movie lovers, gifting them the full cinematic experience from the comfort of their home. Make sure they have adequate room to set the projector and screen up (added bonus if it is for someone you live with) – if so, then go ahead and buy it for them. A good quality projector will transform the way in which they watch their favourite films and, if they are really thankful, they may just invite you to join them for a movie marathon. You get the projector and they will get the popcorn in!

Five Fantastic Gift Ideas for Movie Buffs

Movie Quiz Book

Does the film buff in your life consider themselves to be highly knowledgeable? If so, then put their movie trivia to the test with a quiz book that is designed to test their knowledge. You can give a quiz book specialising in a certain genre of film, franchise or just films in general – whatever you pick, it will no doubt make for a fantastic party game for everyone to play. You could potentially match this up with another game, such as Trivial Pursuit, providing new questions, or the popular trivia game.

Theatre Style Popcorn Machine

Last, but by no means least, is a popcorn machine similar to the kind seen in movie theatres. Popcorn out of the bag just isn’t the same as the warm, sweet, and buttery kind that is served in cinemas, meaning that an actual theatre-style machine makes for a fantastic gift for anyone looking to recapture that magic of the cinema. That true, authentic cinema experience is difficult to replicate and, although nothing beats sitting in a movie theatre excitedly awaiting the start of a movie, this will make their home a close second.



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