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Moving With Kids: 7 Tips to Make it Easy for Everyone


Relocating is a stressful event; it becomes more stressful when kids are involved. As you plan to pack your belongings, you must plan how to handle your kids because the transition can be stressful for them. Taking your little ones away from their friends and the neighborhood they are used to isn’t very easy; however, you can make the process easier by following certain tips, including:

Talk to them

It would be best if you communicate with your kids when you plan to move. Tell them about your decision to relocate and why you have taken such a decision. Ensure you present this in clear terms so that they understand and can buy the idea as well. Tell them the date you intend to move and maybe indicate it in the calendar so that they are constantly reminded about it. You should also tell them the interesting things to expect in the new environment. Doing so can increase their willingness to submit to your decision and prepare their mind for the transition.

Visit the new neighborhood with them

Take your child to the new home and walk around the neighborhood with them. Show them their new school and visit beautiful attractions such as parks and kids’ recreational areas. If there are nice restaurants and places where they can grab a bite there, endeavor to check with them. Doing this will make them fall in love with the new environment even before moving there.

Moving with kids

Get a babysitter

You don’t want to add to the stress of moving your belongings by handling your kids simultaneously. Therefore, you should get a babysitter with the kids and ensure their safety as you move around to put the new home in order. You can let them stay with your neighbor, friend, or family member.

They should be involved

You may be tempted to do everything alone because of time. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to go. It would help if you also got your kids involved in the packing process. Let them pack their clothes, shoes, and toys themselves. This will give them a sense of control and keep them occupied while you focus on other things. You can label the boxes with names of items that should be in them. For instance, label the box for shoes with “shoe” and one for toys with “toys.” If they are too young to read, draw large circles on different boxes with different colors to know where to put what.

Pack their room last and unpack it first

Packing your kid’s room first or in the middle of the process isn’t the best thing to do. Once you do that, they may begin to disturb you while you try to focus on other things. Instead, you should pack their room last. This will further help to prepare their mind. When you arrive at the new home, unpack their belongings first so that they can get busy arranging their stuff while you take on other things.

Alternatively, you may hire professional movers and packers who will pack and unpack everything quickly, so you can have more time to spend with your kids.

Minimize changes

The transition has to be slow and steady, so your child can easily adapt to the new home. Upon arrival, endeavor to minimize the change in your new home. For instance, you may be tempted to change your kid’s wardrobe, furniture, and room setting as you move to a new apartment. This is not always the best option because it makes the new home look totally strange to your child. Instead, arrange their room with their old stuff, and in the same way, it was in the old house. You can later change the room settings once they are fully settled and comfortable in the new apartment.

Host a “see you soon party”

You want to give your child something interesting to look forward to when you move to a new neighborhood. Plan a goodbye party in the new home and let your kids list the names of guests they would like to invite. Invite your old neighbors and have a good time together. You should also invite your new neighbors and encourage them to come with their kids as well. That way, your child can easily make new friends and quickly adapt to the new environment.

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  • Adam Miller

    You are right, the most important thing is to do it gradually and show them the benefits, or just talk about this point. For them, most often it is much more difficult, because they leave friends, school. For you, it’s just hiring Calgary professional movers, packing and a long day.

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