What to Feed a Cat

Authored by Athena Nagel

Accommodating a pet comes with plenty of responsibilities. Cats enjoy grain-free cat food that is extremely healthy and tasty, also made to their liking. Some cats are allergic to grainy food, and others can also face the troubles of not swallowing bigger grains which also irritates their digestive system.

Here are some foods that cats can dig right into:

Fish and chicken

As the popular stereotype suggests, fish is one of the most liked cat foods. Salmon in specific is preferred by most cats for the ease of eating it and the taste too. Since cats are carnivorous, it becomes very easy for them to get used to meat. They need a controlled meat intake since they can easily get addicted to the smell and the taste and not react to other foods given to them. This meal has to be proportioned the right way and served only once in a while to be healthy and save the customer’s money.

Store-bought cat food

It is up to an owner to decide for their cat a choice between grainy cat food or without. One can argue grainy food is usually healthier. Grain-free cat food is the best way to avoid any serious health risks that one may be unaware of about their cat. Many cats face the risk of developing inflammatory diseases, irritation, fur diseases, allergies, and more through food containing grains like corn, wheat, oats, rye, etc. It could also be grain by-products like gluten which pose one of the highest risks of allergies in cats. Grain-free cat food is the best to stay precautious of dangerous elements in cat food and you want to buy healthier food then go for mystiquecatzshop.

Healthy Cat

Leafy vegetables

Spinach and other leafy vegetables are very healthy for cats since it provides them with calcium and vitamins that provide strength and agility to their bodies. Since cats have strong feet and it is known that they always land feet first, they must consume foods that will make sure they are not weak in areas that may disrupt their lifestyle. It also provides iron and potassium. Ensure to consult a veterinary doctor before feeding them leafy vegetables since many cats are known to have had issues with such foods towards their urinary system and digestion.


Cats can eat a range of fruits the same as humans. They have a great liking for bananas and strawberries that provide vitamins and potassium. Avoid giving them citric materials like lemon, which might be toxic for them. Grapes, raisins, and cherries have a very adverse effect on cats and can cause vomiting, indigestion, or toxicity inside their body.


Pumpkins, green beans, steamed carrots are few cat favourites, although they are carnivorous pets. Cats can develop a serious distaste for stuff like onions, garlic, leeks, and more that can damage their blood flow and eat up red blood cells in their body. Bread is a very common pet diet, but it is surely not something cats react well to. This is mostly because cats do not have anything to extract from bread to add to their nutritional value.

Additional Tips

Apart from these items, one should avoid feeding them sugary items, common salty snacks, excessive meat, dairy, or shallots. There are many more items that can harm them and their growth. It is best to buy grain-free cat food as the safest and healthiest option, which is easily available in the market.



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