Why Should You Compare the Top Energy Plans in Victoria?

Since the energy market in Victoria was deregulated in 2002, it has become highly competitive. If you are losing out because of your current plan, energy comparison Victoria gives you the freedom to switch providers at will.

Because of the deregulation, retailers operating within the Victorian energy sector can decide their product pricing to lure maximum customers.

The VDO (Victorian Default Offer) safeguards you against providers who set exceptionally high and unfair costs. It sets a ceiling on the maximum total amount for typical electricity usage in your area, beyond which you cannot be charged.

Energy Concessions

If you need financial support, you can avail of state energy concessions by applying for rebates that assist you with utility bill payments. The valid concession card type you hold, the state you reside in, and your circumstances determine your rebate entitlement.

Concessions that are extended to needy Victoria residents cover:

  • Annual electricity
  • Controlled load electricity
  • Winter gas
  • Excess electricity
  • Excess gas
  • Electricity transfer fee waiver

Energy providers often offer a discount on your total bill. You could be eligible for a payment method, bundling, or pay-on-time discount. Concessions from the Victorian government, when applicable, are over and above provider discounts.

Energy Pricing in Victoria

For your electricity consumption, you are expected to pay supply and usage charges. The former takes care of distributors responsible for maintaining energy infrastructure and supplying power to the grid.

Your gas usage charges are typically based on a tiered rating system. One rate applies to the first 100 megajoules (MJ) of gas consumed, while a cheaper rate is levied on the next 50 MJ. A different rate is levied on gas consumption that exceeds 150 MJ.

The energy plan you select, provider, tariff, distributor, energy habits of those benefiting determine your average billing.

Compare Energy Plans

Besides the energy rates, the provider’s fees, contractual terms, and discounts applicable to your plan contribute to your monthly outgoings. Comparing energy plans and switching providers facilitates significant savings for your household or commercial venture.

Why miss out on retailers who woo you with added incentives and opportunities to lower your monthly outgoings? Your openness to compare and switch motivates energy providers to come up with more viable plans constantly.

When looking to switch your provider, closely evaluate energy comparison in Victoria and sign up for a plan that offers the listed features:

Flexible Payment Option

Plans with a regular installment payment option spread your estimated expenditure thereby, allowing you to conform to your budget.

Absence of Lock-In Contract

Energy plans with exit fees and lock-in contracts tie you down. They do not provide the flexibility to switch plans when you choose to because of the lock-in period and fees levied.

Green Power

When you care about the environment, partnering with an energy provider who shares your beliefs makes sense. Responsible retailers offset your energy usage by, on your behalf, adding renewable energy to the grid.

Access the best energy deals in Victoria via a leading platform that facilitates a comparative study and assures you of excellent savings on your electricity bills every month.

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