How To Create A Zen Meditation Space At Home

Meditation can happen anytime, anywhere. But dedicating a space in your home to your meditation practice can be an important step in deepening your practice.

A beautiful Zen meditation space at home will draw you back to mediation on days when you otherwise might let it pass you by. As you pass by your space you will be reminded of the importance of mediation in your life.

The right atmosphere in your meditation space can strengthen your practice. It can give you new tools and ways of entering into meditation.

Creating your own Zen meditation room or space at home will ultimately help you to draw more from that precious meditation time you have gifted to yourself.

Here are some tips to get started.

Finding the perfect space

Your first task is finding the right space for your Zen meditation space at home.

Think about the time of day you will be practicing meditation. If it is first thing in the morning, then perhaps a space in your bedroom would work well. Seeing your space when you wake will remind you to find time for your meditation practice.

Or perhaps you would like to integrate your mediation practice into your working day? In this case, your perfect Zen meditation space might be in the corner of your office. Having a space dedicated to meditation where you work will also be a reminder of your intention to be mindful throughout the day and to return regularly to a place of calm.

Setting up your space

Your meditation space will be personal to you. The process of creating it can be a joyful and creative process. As you develop your space you will find your own combination of items that work best for you and your practice.

Here are some tips to consider as you set up your space.


Making sure that you can practice meditation comfortably is extremely important. Consider how you prefer to sit during meditation. Would a chair or some rugs be best for you?

Think through the different ways you practice mediation. Do you need cushions or perhaps warm blankets for restful meditation?


Music can be a powerful aid for meditation. Having a sound system ready to go will be an invaluable support to your practice.

Perhaps consider setting up a Bluetooth speaker so that you can access your favorite guided meditations and soundtracks?

Decorative Items and Art

Once you have made your space comfortable and found the right audio equipment the fun really begins as you start to decorate your space.

From fountains to statues there will be something that is right for you to create a Zen meditation space where you can connect deeply to your practice.

Consider what items could help you in your meditation. Perhaps some candles could be the perfect accompaniment to meditation at the end of the day?

Artwork can also be a powerful tool for creating a feeling of peace and transporting you to a favorite place in your mind. Whether it is a woodland scene or the tranquility of the beach, there are a wide range of beautiful options to consider.

Bring Nature In

Nature can be an important point of inspiration for meditation, allowing us to connect to a place of calm more easily.

Adding plants (even artificial versions) to your Zen meditation space can give you this point of connection while also adding beauty to your room.

Using these simple tips, you can create a Zen meditation space that enhances your practice and brings you a sense of calm.

Have a wonderful time as you create your space.




3 thoughts on “How To Create A Zen Meditation Space At Home

  1. Lauryn R says:

    I don’t know much about meditation, but I think it would be great to learn! I need to have a zen place in my home, as life is so hectic most of the time.

  2. George says:

    Thank you for sharing such interesting information. For meditation, you really need to find a quiet and comfortable corner for you, this is very important and helps to concentrate. I have been interested in the topic of meditation for a long time and recently realized that I want to become a meditation teacher and help newcomers. But for that, I took Mindfulness Teacher Training , which helped me get better at it. I advise you to read about them in more detail and go through them.

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