What To Expect From Online Therapy

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as caring for your physical health. Anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other mental health issues can lead to physical ailments, social avoidance and affect your sleep and work performance. Of course, not everybody has the time or lives in an area where it is easy to schedule mental health appointments with therapists or psychiatrists. For these reasons, many mental health professionals are taking to providing care via the internet. Telehealth appointments like the ones provided by Rey Health are often more affordable, more convenient, and just as rewarding as in-person appointments. Here’s what to expect.

You’ll Have Access To a Range of Therapy Forms

Therapy is different for everyone. Some people benefit from talk therapy, while others need more targeted treatment plans. Online psychiatric appointments are available for talk therapy and those who need cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, or acceptance and commitment therapy. During your initial appointment with your Denver therapist, your professional will help to evaluate your needs and talk with you about your options.

You Will Still Need Privacy

For your therapy to be successful, you’ll still need a space that feels safe and is quiet during your sessions. If you’re meeting with your mental health professional from home, consider using your home office or your bedroom if other family members are in the common living spaces. If you need to do therapy while you’re at work or otherwise away from home, close your office door or talk while you’re parked in a safe space in your car. You can even conduct your appointment while you’re sitting in a quiet park or walking in your favorite neighborhood. The key is to find somewhere comfortable where you won’t feel as if everyone is unintentionally listening in.

You Should Remain Open-Minded

Just like every patient is different, every therapist has a different style. If you go into your appointment expecting one type of therapist but meet with someone else, be open to new ideas. Understand, too, that while your therapist should listen to what you want to talk about, they are likely to see patterns that lead you to talk about other things. For example, perhaps you want to talk about your social anxiety, but your therapist asks questions about your childhood and recognizes a place from which anxiety may have stemmed. Keep in mind, too, that your therapist may recommend you also see a psychiatrist online to receive medication to help with your symptoms.

You Should Feel Comfortable With Your Therapist

First sessions are always a little awkward. After all, you’re bringing up your childhood, your medical and mental health history, and your current personal issues to a stranger. Top that with the fact that meeting new people is often a little awkward in general, and you’ll likely feel a bit unsure at the start of your first session. Often, this feeling dissipates the more you get to know your mental health professionals. However, if you’re still feeling uncomfortable after a few sessions, don’t be afraid to seek out a different professional. Some people don’t mesh well together, and that’s okay. You deserve to feel comfortable with your professionals.

Whether you have general anxiety, are dealing with the effects of the pandemic, or have problems you’d like to work out from your past, therapy and psychiatric care is a valid option to help you lead a happier life. Don’t be afraid to try it!

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