The Best Tax Apps You Can Use

Listen up, people. We have officially reached the technological turn of the decade: You can now file your taxes on your phone. Here are the latest free tips in filling your tax using mobile apps.

Yes, you’ve read it right. You don’t need to set up your PC around the tax documents scattered on your dining table. All you need is the best Tax App you can use for your tax return.

Tax preparation services have kept pushing their industry forward, serving taxpayers by providing a convenient and effective tax preparation system. Gone are the days of ink and paper and countless forms you need to write on.

The Internal Revenue Service has also streamlined the process making it easy for tax software and tax apps to build their platforms.

How to find the best tax app for your taxes?

If you are thinking of going mobile with your tax preparation, you have to keep reading. Below is a quick guide on some of the best mobile tax apps recommended by tax professional groups. Some of these apps are designed to help you get the maximum tax refund you are eligible for. While other mobile tax app features focus on making filling out tax forms easier.


The first thing you need to consider is the platform your mobile device is running on. Some tax apps lean on either an iOS or an Android platform. Choose which works best with your current system. Some of these tax apps might rely on your mobile browser for some of their features, so this is another point to consider.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a key aspect of building websites. It is also a big factor in the usability of a tax app. Depending on the screen size of your smartphone or tablet phone, you might be limited on how you can view the interface of the app.

Ease of Use

The easier you navigate through an app, the more likely you are going to use it more. Stay away from flashy interfaces and packed displays. Processing your taxes is stressful enough already, choose clean-looking interfaces that get the job done.

Best Tax App Options for 2021

The best tax preparation software in the country has developed a mobile version of their tools. Therefore, you can easily pick which one you may already be leaning on. Here’s a quick summary of these apps’ features:

Intuit TurboTax Deluxe

TurboTax has worked extensively with its tax software. They have incorporated tax forms and schedules into their tax app system while maintaining the satisfying user experience it is known for. This is the more expensive option in the group but it is also among the most effective.

H&R Block

H&R Block tax prep software provides a user-friendly interface with quick to follow steps for tax filing tasks. They aim to provide a comprehensive process for reporting earned income tax credit, deductions, and other pertinent tax-related activities. The app can handle both simple tax filing and complex tax situations.


TaxAct’s tax app is geared to help first-time filers have a smooth experience. TaxAct offers clean and simple task options, navigation, and tax return review interfaces.

TaxSlayer Classic

TaxSlayer aims to reach taxpayers who are conscious about the investment they will make to ease up their tax preparation. They have been consistently updating their software and returning users are always up for a surprise.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Do you need the option to ask a tax professional onboard? Jackson Hewitt Online will be a great option for you. You only need to prepare extra time to get used to its interface.


Would you believe that FreeTaxUSA offers a free e-filing of the federal tax return? This tax app is best if you have simple tax preparation needs. Take note that FreeTaxUSA cannot accommodate expert assistance.

Liberty Tax Deluxe

While their on-site help is a competition to beat, their tax software and tax app still need work with navigation, forms integration, and a comprehensive help section.

These apps might offer mobile in-app purchases for advanced features you might need to process your taxes. Make sure to check if you have the option to upgrade and how much will that upgrade cost.

What are the best mobile tax apps?

The answer to this relies on your tax situation and the amount of money you want to invest in your tax preparation.

Determine right off the bat which tax forms you are going to need or which schedules are going to be attached to your tax return. If your tax situation is simple and won’t need itemized deductions, you can choose tax apps that won’t put holes in your pocket while still getting the job done. Some tax apps promise a maximum refund and will provide a guarantee. You might want to check these as well.

However, if your tax preparation requires input from tax professionals, you might want a tax app that is bundled with access to a tax pro for your tax preparation solutions.

Don’t wait too long! The best time to start working on your taxes was yesterday. You should begin organizing and preparing your tax documents to save yourself a ton of headaches in the coming tax season.

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