4 Services Offered at Addiction Treatment Centers

Addictions, whether dealing with them on your own or trying to support a loved one with one, is a difficult time for so many reasons. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all of this alone, as there are several services available at addiction treatment in Lexington. Learn more about these services and how they can help you below.

Targeted Case Management

Case managers are professionals that help individuals and families with addictions obtain the help and services they need to get better. This may include social services, such as child care or food insecurity assistance, as well as medical and educational assistance.

Targeted case management is beneficial because it helps to address the issues one may face within our outside of their addiction, such as housing and employment problems that often contribute to the problem. Targeted case managers are there to help you and advocate on your behalf, and they are a huge asset during recovery.

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

Individual substance abuse counseling consists of a team of medical and psychological professionals that can help a person understand their emotions and life circumstances in a more meaningful way. These professionals can also provide new and healthier coping strategies for when those in recovery struggle with maintaining their sobriety.

Individual counseling is also highly customized to each individual, and this is often the first type of counseling a person will participate in upon entering recovery. Many people will participate in individual substance abuse counseling while also undergoing medication treatments and group substance abuse counseling.

Group Substance Abuse Counseling

Group substance abuse counseling typically involves a weekly meeting with other individuals in recovery to discuss a variety of topics, including anger management, relapse prevention, and more in a judgment-free zone. These group counseling sessions can initially feel intimidating and overwhelming, but many people in recovery benefit from hearing about other people’s experiences and sharing their own.

These sessions are led by a trained counselor and also provide an opportunity for individuals to provide support to others throughout the recovery process, fostering a sense of purpose and stability.

DUI Services

Past DUI charges are unfortunately quite common for those in recovery, but an addiction treatment center may be able to assist you with the educational requirements or addiction treatment required by law to get your license back.

Actual DUI charges may vary from person to person depending upon the unique circumstances at the scene. Generally speaking, fines range from $200 to $500 for a first offense as well as up to a month in jail, and a few months of license suspension. With each additional offense, the fines, jail times, and license suspensions increase significantly.

A fourth DUI is considered a Class D Felony in the state of Kentucky, and it comes with severe repercussions. Get the help you need sooner rather than later to prevent yourself from dealing with these consequences.

Nobody ever said recovery was easy, but your chances improve greatly with the help of a strong support system and comprehensive addiction services.

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