How to participate in the Canton Fair for newcomers? The first time to participate in the Canton Fair eight preparations

How to participate in the Canton Fair for newcomers? In this article, I will share with you the eight preparations for the first time to participate in the Canton Fair, if you still do not know what you need to prepare for the Canton Fair, quickly and I came to see the need to participate in the Canton Fair! Make sure to have your Chinese business documents authentication done before submitting your application.

Preparation I. Collect samples in kind

The first time in 2020 to participate in the Canton Fair quickly down the factory to collect typical samples in kind, remember to bring a digital camera. Samples do not seek more but seek precision. Samples that cannot be brought must be photographed. To do a good job of sample classification and numbering, counting the supply price.

Preparation II. Establish commodity files

Import the pictures taken by a digital camera into the database in batch. Batch importing pictures can automatically create product files by number and automatically complete the picture cropping and scaling. Then, look at the pictures to add other detailed descriptions of the goods and enter the supply prices. This can establish a commodity database within a week or two, to prepare for participation in the Canton Fair.

Preparation III, the sample barcode label

Cut out each number of the sample barcode label, stick to the relevant sample physical. Do this step, you can participate in the Canton Fair site quotation with the physical directly into the computer code, greatly improving efficiency. Otherwise, you have to manually find and enter the commodity number, slow!

Preparation IV, animation display samples

Trade fair booth, the most prominent position of the large computer screen, with a rich animation effect automatically displays all the beautiful pictures of goods. Can greatly attract the attention of the Canton Fair passing merchants, as long as the merchants stop, quickly go up and say: “Hello”! Then it depends on how quickly you get it done.

Preparation five, quick scan offer

What do customers like samples, newcomers to the Canton Fair can use your barcode scanner (not expensive at all) to scan into the computer one by one. Just enter how much money you want to make, a button that accurately calculates the dollar offer. Regardless of what price terms, shipping, insurance, sales, and miscellaneous fees will not be less than one point. Just don’t be too dark-hearted, the merchant is also smart. My experience is that European and American customers can earn more.

Preparation six, formal quotation documents

Three or five minutes to calculate the price, you can print the formal format of the quotation, there are a variety of formats. There are your company’s logo, contact details, price conditions, the number of unit prices, etc. all on a single sheet of paper, clear and unambiguous. 2020 the first time to participate in the Canton Fair friends can be equipped with a color inkjet printer, with a clear picture of the quotation that can be presented in front of the guests.

Preparations for the seventh, the immediate transaction to sign an order

Good luck, the guests will immediately place an order, the time to steal joy, but do not rush. Turn that quotation into an order, fill in the agreed terms of the transaction. Check that there are no errors, you can print the official export contract or sales confirmation so that the guest signed it.

Preparation eight, home ready to ship

The road home is easy, full of results are in your portable computer. After a few days of rest, import that customer information, quotes, orders into the company’s business database. After arranging for your men to prepare purchases, create invoices, arrange for consignments, insurance, and customs clearance, etc. Finally receive the U.S. dollars, in order to be considered successful completion of the Canton Fair task yo.

The above are the eight preparations for the first time to participate in Canton Fair in 2020, I hope the sharing of this article can help you to have an understanding of how to participate in the Canton Fair for newcomers. If you have business needs of Canton Fair booth construction, Ou Mateng Exhibition provides you with a one-stop service of global exhibition planning, operation, and promotion.




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