Allygoods Dog Plunger - Clean Paws!
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ALLYGOODS Dog Plunger – Clean Paws!

There are many types of dirt and grime that can affect your dirty dog’s paws. This might include mud from the street, fallen leaves, and much more. The reason these types of materials can end up on your beloved pet’s paws is that they are so dirty. They are constantly exposed to the elements, and they breed bacteria and germs in their fur and skin. With a little bit of effort to keep them clean, you can be sure your dog will have paws that are bright and healthy.

Stormy weather can cause mud to fly through the air, and if you have dirty dog paws, it can be hard to keep them clean. When storms come through, the mud splashes around and makes it very difficult for people to clean up.

One way to keep your dog’s paws clean is with dog boots but most dogs don’t particularly care for them and our dog is no different.  She will walk around like there is acid on her paws.  Clearly, that isn’t the way to go.

Now we have found the ALLYGOODS Dog Plunger! I can let my dog run freely in the dirt, mud and do whatever she wants.  I simply use the dog plunger afterward.

This dog plunger is available in two sizes – Medium and Large. We have a Newfoundland so large was what we needed. As you can see her paw fits right in.  She allows me to do it without a problem and acts like she is getting a massage.

This plunger is easy to clean.  The top and inside are silicone.  The top pops off and the inside slides out and opens up for easy cleaning.

To use, simply add water and twist your dog’s paw around in the container.  While the plunger silicone rubs around the paw it cleans at the same time.

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