The Best Bang Styles for Every Hair Type and Texture

No matter if you would like to have parted or wispy bangs, you can always find a style that is right for you. A great variety of haircuts with bangs exists, and there is no such thing as, “bangs are always terrible.” They can suit perfectly any type of face if you know how to use them properly.

This article will reveal the hottest trends of the year when it comes to bungs. Whether you have straight or curly hair, blonde or ginger, read these recommendations that can change your day.

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Experts from Marie Claire are sure that bangs are up-to-date and look stylish in any epoch. They believe in their long-lasting popularity. Here is how different types of faces may benefit from various bangs:

  • Round faces should think about curtain bangs for extra dimension.
  • Oval shapes will benefit from simply wearing bangs, no matter which.
  • Oblong faces will make use of blunt bangs.
  • Heart-shaped face shapes would definitely love feathered fringe for extra softness.

You can learn more about different styles and beauty tips from experts at or by simply reading this post to the end.

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How Bangs Can Help If You Possess Short Hair

Rather short hair with bangs and choppy layers. If you prefer grunge and glam rock, you should have heard about Joan Jett plenty of times. This hairstyle returns you to the 80s epoch. The soft brief bangs can frame eyes, making them more expressive.

Neck-sized bob with straight across bangs. This option is right for you if you currently have (or plan to have) a rose gold color

Top Things You Can Do with Bangs If You Possess Long Hair

Long-layered hair with bangs. That is one more effective method to frame your eyes and other parts of the face. That is also how you can add length to make your face rounder or shorten it. This style best suits retro makeup and 60s wardrobe.

Cute bangs for long hair. Playfulness and sweetness – those are the main attributes of any girl or woman who wants to feel younger. No matter whether you have thin or thick hair, this style will be right for you. Building a volume is possible with a bit of mousse and/or hairspray.

The Top-Preferred Bang Styles for Curly People

Lengthy and curly hair with bangs on all sides. Experts recommend cutting curly hair dry as the length can appear a bit lengthier when it is wet. This option best fits outward-increasing curls. Focus on face shape. Avoid doing it yourself. Visit your favorite barber. Tell them to cut your bangs longer than you initially wished.

Straight bang on curly hair. This style offers plenty of individuality and edge. This bang-and-curly-hair hybrid is for people who love breaking the rules.

Curly hair and bangs of a great volume. If you add some volume to your curls, you’ll definitely return the 70s and 80s. It is enough to wash hair using a care system that guarantees big volume; diffuse to lift the roots with your hands.

Wish to Have Fine Hair? Check Out How Bangs Can Help

Asymmetrical shine. think about making asymmetrical wispy bangs shorter in length somewhere in the middle. Add length to all sides. 

Wavy fun. It is enough to apply some mousse and prevent it from covering the entire place. The best idea is to use a messy hairstyle if you possess fine wavy locks.

Have Thick Hair? Here’s What You Can Do

Thick medium hair with bangs. Are you an owner of a long face? The darker colors like brown will suit you best then. Choose bangs that start from the top and cover the eyebrows smoothly. 

Thick bangs for round face. People of Asian appearance will find this idea useful. They’d better avoid straight bang cut. To make a face seem thinner, one should highlight the cheekbones. Pick layered and swept bangs on a single side.


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