Fashion Staples That Work for Every Season

Fashion Staples That Work for Every Season

As much fun as it is to stock up on new items every season, it doesn’t do much for sustainable fashion. Not everyone is into high fashion, and most of us are just looking for pieces that we can reach for over and over again. The thing is, no matter how many shopping sprees we go on, what actually makes a solid wardrobe are the fashion staples and pieces which have stood the test of time. Wardrobe essentials consisting of a streamlined selection of fashion items make everyday styling very easy without compromising on style or chicness. So, without further ado, if you are here for style inspiration to update your wardrobe with essential pieces which can work every season, then let’s dig into it!

  • Go-To Jeans/Shorts With A Unique Cut

Jeans are a classic, and they are probably going to stay on trend forever. No fashion staple is as celebrated as jeans and shorts, especially if they are denim. Straight-leg, boot cut, boyfriend, high-waist, or straight ankle jeans, all of these are staple fashion pieces that will work for any outfit throughout the year. However, if there is one jean shape that you would like to throw out for good, it would be the skinny jeans because their time is over. Now, the new cool is uniquely shaped jeans like straight-leg styles, retro-inspired jeans, high-rise loose jeans, etc., which work with all sorts of crop tops, tucked-in shorts, plain button-down shirts, and even blazers.

  • Day-Today Printed/Knit Midi Dress

Your capsule wardrobe is basically incomplete without a go-to dress. One or two linen midis or curve-hugging plus size maxi dresses with a ruched design are a must-have when it comes to rocking casual looks. Sometimes we don’t want to reach for that over-the-top dress and want something that works both ways and yet looks classy. Therefore, fashion staples like a printed dress with a pop of color, floral open back ruffle dress, and classic shirtdresses with bold silhouettes are a must-have to pull off effortless looks for every occasion. Another staple piece that helps with smooth transitioning between seasons is a knit dress. They are cozy, smart, and look ravishing as they cling to your curves.

  • Balance With A Leather Staple

Let’s face it; we are never getting over leather, whether it’s the boots, the jacket, or the clutch. So, it’s best to always keep a leather staple in your closet to wear it for effortless and edgy looks every season. However, the staple mustn’t always need to be the leather jacket. There are many versatile pieces you can go for, such as a leather shirt jacket, zip-front taupe leather pants, chunky statement boots, and more. A leather zip-up skirt paired with wedges and a classy striped button-down shirt will look gorgeous all year round, especially for a go-to office look. Another chic outfit that you can put up with statement leather, particularly in winter, is to pair leather leggings with a collared button-down smock dress, a light cardigan, and you are good to go.

  • Plain White Tee And Button-Down Shirt

Let’s establish a ground rule that your wardrobe should never run out of white tees and shirts. These are the fashion staples that are universal outfit binders as well as lifesavers when you want to rock a casual yet professional look. Our favorite look of all time that works for ladies of all sizes is a white button-shirt with a knot around the waist, straight-leg denim, statement sandals or pumps, and medium golden hoops. Since we are living in 2021, every fashion staple needs a unique touch, and you can add versatility to this obvious style by going for a white and black polka dot shirt. Polka dots or plain tees with subtle textures sometimes elevate the entire look better than a simple white tee. Nothing can go wrong with a crisp white shirt, whether it is oversized, tucked in, knotted, or buttoned-down that is paired with a pencil skirt, mom jeans, or even wide-leg trousers.

  • Structured Blazer

Blazers have smoothly transitioned from being strictly professional to a fashion staple that is essential for trans-seasonal weather. Whether it’s a simple black blazer or something as high fashion as double-breasted wool checked blazer, they are fashion pieces that make you look edgy, nonchalant, and classy. You can wear it as a top or throw it over a jumpsuit; you’ll look polished for every occasion and season. An excellent choice is to wear a neutral-colored blazer lightly draped over a high-waist wide-leg trouser and a padded-shoulder wool blazer paired with a matching skirt.

  • A Cross-body Or A Tote Bag

Bags are accessories that we can’t go about without. However, sometimes practicality offers a better opportunity than glamour when it comes to accessorizing for more than one season. Lightly textured tote and crossbody bags are a must-have for every season as they are essential for pulling off effortless yet stylish looks. A classic black flip, leather clutch, sturdy crossbodies, and heavy-duty leather totes are your partners till the end. Whether you have the boho-chic vibe going or you are running late for a meeting, these fashion staples will carry your look for the entire day without a sweat!

Fashion is tricky but what’s more difficult is to know what items are essential for which season. If you simply don’t have the time and the energy to invest in a seasonal wardrobe, then the above list of the best fashion staples which will work for every season will do just the trick. Any one of these timeless fashion items will help you pull off a look that offers a smooth seasonal transition without much fuss.

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  2. Steave James says:

    Great article! I totally agree with your point about investing in quality basics. They may seem more expensive upfront, but they last longer and can be styled in so many different ways. It’s all about building a wardrobe with top gun jacket patches pieces that have staying power.

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