3 Easy Steps to Advertise Your Side Hustle

3 Easy Steps to Advertise Your Side Hustle

Many people have a day job but need some extra income. Maybe you have a plan to pay off your debts sooner, take a dream vacation, save up for your retirement, or create a new income stream to start a business.

Whatever your reason, now is as good a time as any to start your side hustle and start earning extra cash.

3 Easy Steps to Advertise Your Side Hustle

100 Side Hustle Business Ideas

There are lots of different side hustle business ideas out there. Reading this article about 100 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $100 is a great place to start. It will give you lots of side hustle ideas and help you narrow down which ones interest you the most.

You should be better at identifying your side hustle after reading this list of 100 ideas for starting one. If you want a side hustle, you can turn your hobbies into an income stream or align them with the season (e.g., gift wrapping during the holiday season).

How to Advertise Your Side Hustle

Once you have settled on a side hustle, it’s time to advertise it to the world so you can start bringing in that extra money.

For this article, let’s use the example of offering math tutoring services for high school students. It’s timely (kids are getting ready to go back to school) and aligns with your interests (math is your favorite subject).

Plus, you can easily do it at night and over the weekends without interfering with your day job.

For all these reasons, starting a math tutoring service makes sense. Now, how will you find and advertise to high school students who need math tutoring services?

First, you need to get a pretty good idea of where students would hang out. Maybe the local hangout for your area is the neighborhood coffee shop. This shop could be a great place to post a flyer advertising your services. Here’s how to do it.

We will explain how to use our flyer distribution service with three easy steps to advertise your side hustle.

Three Easy Steps to Advertise Your Math Tutoring Services

Posting a flyer where your target audience will see it is a great way to grab their attention. Follow these three steps to advertise your math tutoring services (or whatever you decide to offer).

Step 1: Set Up Flyerlo.com Account

Set up an account with Flyerlo.com. Then you can decide whether to create a flyer yourself or hire a flyer designer to do it for you. It’s totally up to you.

Step 2: Ideal Spots For Advertising

Here’s the fun part. From your Flyerlo account, you can browse businesses in your local area that are ideal spots for advertising your math tutoring services. You will see owners selling their spots. Review these and choose a spot you like to buy.

Step 3: Flyer Acceptance

After the business receives an order from you, they’ll accept your flyer. For example, you can buy a spot where an owner at the coffeehouse will print flyers and leave your flyer on each coffee table every day for a week.

Voila! Time for Results

Students will see your flyer on the coffee table when they hang out with friends at the local coffeehouse. Your flyer might be taken as a picture from their smartphone, or they might take a flyer with them if they need a tutor.

Either way, someone will contact you if they need your services.

This process will work with any side hustle. You can easily manage it all right here on Flyerlo.com. Join us by signing up for an account today. Welcome to our flyer community!

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