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Going to Las Vegas For The First Time: All You Need To Know

Hurray! You’re on your way to one of the most exciting destinations in the whole of the United States! Your adrenaline is probably racing, and you’re anxious because you’ve heard how fun Las Vegas can be. But perhaps you’re also stuck because as much as there are so many fun things to do, you want to make the most of your time in this stunning subtropical hot desert city. And that requires you to familiarize yourself with the place even before ever boarding your flight.

For the fact that you’re reading this blog, you are on the right track. Here, you’ll find not just every great activity you can do in this destination but vital tips and tricks for tourists visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

1.           Know the landmarks

When going to Las Vegas for the first time, note that the city is divided into two main areas. You’ll often hear people talk about Downtown/Old Vegas and Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Strip is in the heart of Las Vegas, where notable hotels and fascinating tourist attractions are located. When you hear people say “The Strip,” this is the area they’re referring to. The Stratosphere Tower is 4.2 miles north of Mandalay Bay and the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign on the south, near the airport. This 4.2-mile line forms the Strip of Las Vegas. Most definitely, you won’t miss it when flying into the McCarran airport.

On the other side of the divide is Downtown Vegas (or Old Vegas), the gambling area of Las Vegas. It has Fremont Street right about its center.

2.           Distances stretch farther than they initially look

If you’re a map kind of guy, chances are that you’ve surveyed Las Vegas on Google maps before this time. You’ve probably seen the Strip and been like, “Hey, I can walk this distance in a few minutes, no need for taking the bus.” You may end up trekking for hours and sweating profusely under the hot desert sun of Vegas.

Distances, just like the Strip, can be longer in actuality than you think. You’ll realize there are so many fascinating sights that’ll make you often stop, making your journey drag on for longer.

Generally, it’s a great idea to estimate more time than you think you’ll need for getting around places.

3.           Get the most of Las Vegas by being close to the Strip

If you want to enjoy the boisterous part of Las Vegas, stay on the Strip. This is where the real deal goes on. Nightlife, clubbing, and incredibly spectacular Las Vegas attractions will bless your memories as each day of your vacation passes.

4.           Good Hotels within the Strip

The LINQ, Paris Las Vegas Hotel, and The Flamingo are some notable hotels in the heart of Las Vegas (the Strip) that are affordable. Staying in any of these hotels allows you to be right where it’s happening. Caesars Palace is also an incredible choice if you’re willing to spend a little more.

5.           Away from the Strip for some quiet

If you desire some quiet and a more relaxing environment, you want to stay in some area off of the Strip. The hotels in those areas are cheaper than in the Strip but also offer you the opportunity to be quite close to the heart of the city. So you can get there quite quickly when you want to up your day/night experience a notch.

Some good hotels in this area include The Signature at MGM and the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Club Resort (close to LINQ).

6.           No ATV tour? An incomplete Vegas experience

You haven’t entirely had the best of Las Vegas if you haven’t toured at least one of the fantastic deserts on an ATV. To tell you how important this is to both locals and tourists alike, several companies offer las vegas atv tours to all the awe-inspiring deserts in the city, allowing people the opportunity to rave about their touring experience. Get on an ATV and beat the heat riding through the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead National Park, and lots more.

And if you really want your Las Vegas ATV tour to be complete, consider riding in the world’s largest Monster Truck.

7.           Don’t like crowds? Avoid weekends and holidays

Not every tourist likes overcrowded streets. If this is you, then you want to avoid visiting Las Vegas on weekends and public holidays. That’s because hundreds of tourists within and outside the US flock to have a taste of the subtropical desert climate whenever they find the time. And such opportunities come during big, popular public holidays and on weekends.

If, however, crowded destinations are your thing, then now you know the best times to visit Las Vegas.

8.           Book your tickets in advance

There are many, so many tourists flocking to Las Vegas. If you have a chance to see one of your favorite artists at an event, hotel, or show, you may lose the opportunity if you go at the specified kick-off time of the event.

Book days before the time because so many other people are queuing in line just like you. It’s the survival of the fittest. Also, time your visit right so you don’t miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

9.           You can lodge a 5-star hotel for $20

Las Vegas is a hotspot for big hotels, and many of them try to incite you into the hotel because of the massive competition. That means some of these hotels offer unbelievable deals, such as $20 a night. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Las Vegas tips for first-time visitors.

As a result, you can stay at the Stratosphere for $20. You might also get to “touch the sky” at the Big Shot ride at the tallest skyscraper in Vegas. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Las Vegas nightlife.

Have fun!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Make the most out of your vacation, go on an ATV tour, and visit the nightclubs. Go on the Big Shot ride, scream and elevate your senses as you go 45 miles per hour 921 feet into the sky.

At the end of the day, it is those glorious memories that make your trip truly remarkable.

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