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How is Barging Different from River Cruising?

Traveling to Europe is a dream for most people. As they say, France is the most romantic country in the world. And, its capital Paris is the ultimate destination for all lovers. People from all over the globe travel to France to explore its beauty and embrace every bit of it.

When in France, you must try barge cruises and river cruises to explore the country. Exploring the countryside while traveling on a barge and enjoying some food and wine during the daytime is a perfect way to begin and end your trip. Most travelers get confused between river cruising and barging. There are many differences between a river cruise and a barge cruise. If you are wondering which is a more suitable option for you, this post will assist you in understanding the difference between the two, and explain how barging is the ultimate choice to enjoy a lovely afternoon cruise.

What is barging?

A barge is a smaller cruise that has limited capacity. It is a perfect hotel on a ship to suit a private small family trip. It can accommodate twenty to twenty-five people at a time or even fewer. There is a significant difference in the amount of territory you’ll be able to cover in a barge and a river cruise. The barge restricts itself to a particular region and has one deck. It will allow you to relax and enjoy the countryside while sipping wine and eating gourmet food in France.

When you choose a package for barging, it will most likely be inclusive of drinks and food offered in it. The river cruise is more like a floating hotel and accommodates more people. But a barge is more private and gives you a personal experience. If you want to stick to a particular stateroom and observe your surroundings, a barge is a much better option for you.

How does the river cruise differ from a barge cruise?

River cruises such as the Nile Cruise are long and narrow in design and are meant to transit smoothly through canal locks. Designing these river vessels isn’t easy as the designers need to be very particular about canal locks and other factors. You’ll find balconies in some river cruises that have expanded their design to give a more spacious interior. While in others, it can be challenging to find a room with a balcony. The river cruise can hold a capacity of more than 100 people at a time.

Unlike the barging, the river cruise usually has four decks and will take you through the European canals for a few days. If you want to plan a day and see the countryside, barging is suitable. Whereas, if you like water bodies and wish to sail for a day or two the river cruise will be a better choice.

If you are a calm traveler, who likes to observe things and absorb the peace and beauty in your surroundings, you would have a much better experience on barge cruises. So, instead of spending more on river cruises, you should rather search for a perfect barging company and book a barge cruise to cherish a wonderful afternoon with your loved one.


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