8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Money While Travelling In The UK

8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Money While Travelling In The UK

Picture this! You’ve just gotten into the country with a tourist visa and feel so excited. Hoping to purchase souvenirs on your tours, you stashed some money in your wallet and began your trips. A flowery hat appeals to you, and when it’s time to pull out your wallet, it isn’t there anymore! No one warned you of this, not even during the immigration advice. Let’s cover how to keep your money while travelling the UK.

If you can relate to the above scenario, you know how frustrating it is to lose money when on a trip. You are not to blame for moving around with some wads of cash. After all, you can’t make every purchase with a credit card.

Unfortunately, travellers will always be targets to some unruly fellows, and that’s why you must learn how to outsmart them. We hate to see you lose any more of your hard-earned money when on a trip. So, here are 8 innovative ways to keep your money when travelling in the UK.

1. Stash Some in Your Footwear

That may not sound cool, but if it helps secure your money, we say it’s genius. All you have to do is wear shoes or boots that are not so tight. A few rolled-up bills in thin nylon can stay in them without hurting your feet.

2. Wear Headgear With a Pocket.

We agree that that’s awkward, but that is what makes it safe. With little effort, you can introduce a pocket inside your headwear like a cap or hat.

Choose a headwear slightly more than your natural head size. It won’t seem so once you’ve stuffed some bills in it.

Meanwhile, you can purchase a traveller’s scarf. This headwear is so tricky and can hold some money for your journey.

8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Money While Travelling In The UK

3. Carry Bags With Hidden Pockets

Underneath within and without, bags are ideal hideouts for your money. You can find some of such bags in the stores or meet a maker for custom-made ones.

Unlike other places to locate your money, your travelling bag would afford much space for some wads.

  1. Have More Than One Wallet

Keep in the first wallet enough money for a day’s supply and a dummy with few bills you won’t be mad about losing. Keep the former in your jacket’s inner pocket and the other in your external pocket as a decoy.

You can flash this as often with its content revealing enough if you suspect that someone is on to you. The few notes can make the person count the risk as unworthy and leave you off the radar.

5. Use an Anti Theft Backpack

These backpacks are stronger in build than most and have well-concealed pockets. Zips are also lockable and not located in open areas. As a result, no one can unzip your bag in a crowd without you knowing of the act.

Such backpacks also have different compartments to stash valuables and a reinforced material to withstand cuts from sharp objects and sudden pulls from the shoulder.

6. Use Body Concealment

These are clothes that allow you to keep things circumspectly. These include bras, undershirts, socks and even long johns. All of these clothing items can hold hidden pockets for storing your money. You don’t need to roll money in this case because it is best to go flat against your body.

7. Use a Security Travel Belt.

These belts look like any other but possess hidden pockets lined beneath to stash small rolls of cash. No one is going to know when you slip out some money should the need arise. They are available for purchase in some accessory stores if you can’t craft yours.

8. A Drinking Bottle

Not even the worst minds will think of snatching a cheap drinking bottle, and that’s your luck. Ensure that you get one that isn’t transparent. You can keep rolls of cash in waterproof sheets and stash them in the bottle. If you wish, fill it up with water to complete the act. You could even pour out a drink for yourself when you wish.

Final Words

Learning how to keep your money safe while traveling is highly beneficial especially while going about your sponsor licence application. The golden rule about keeping your money when travelling is “never keep all of your cash in a single place.” Split them into small amounts as much as your hideouts permit.

Aside from that, do well to follow the tips shared in the post, and you can rest assured that no dime will get lost when you get to your destination.


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