3 Tips for Capturing Creative Construction Site Photography

3 Tips for Capturing Creative Construction Site Photography

Construction site photography is a unique type of construction site marketing. A construction site photographer will capture the construction progress on-site from a variety of angles and perspectives. The goal is to showcase the construction project as it progresses over time. In this post, we will discuss 3 tips for capturing creative construction site photography!

To properly market your construction project, you need to show clients what they can expect before they decide whether or not to invest in your company. One way that businesses do this is through construction site photography. It captures images at different points in time so that viewers can see how a project has progressed since its inception.

3 Tips for Capturing Creative Construction Site Photography

1. Plan for creative shots: consider how you can use the following

  • Time-lapse video
  • Drone footage
  • Wide shots capturing people working

Planning creative shots or video footage means you need to consider what you will be photographing. How will it best fit into your construction site marketing plan? What are the benefits of each type of shot/footage?

Time-lapse images show successful progress in a very compelling way but require time and effort to get right. This is a technique popular with project development companies.

Drone footage can be a great way to show construction site progress from above ground level. This is particularly effective in the early stages of construction when there’s not much going on above head height. It may also help you capture things that would otherwise have been out of frame from a conventional camera position.

Wide shots capture people working: using wide-angle techniques allows you to capture construction site activity more interestingly.

Construction site images are essential to track progress but also to create future marketing materials. Keep shooting even if you’re not happy with the results! You can always change them later when they are part of an editorial library that contains all your construction shots.

2. Utilize the natural light available to you

Natural light is essential to capturing compelling construction site imagery. Early morning and late afternoon light is often the most beautiful time of day to shoot. But don’t neglect shooting during mid-day as well (just make sure there are no shadows on your subject). At this time of day, use a reflector or fill flash if it’s overcast with clouds for a better result.

If the natural lighting is poor, one solution is to make the site your subject instead of any construction activity.

As a construction site photographer, you will always have to deal with different lighting setups and challenges while shooting outdoors. Essential lighting kit for a construction site photographer includes:

  • flashlight
  • light reflectors
  • light diffusers
  • lighting tripods and clamps

3. Use a tripod and remote shutter release for stable, beautiful photography

What is the benefit of using a tripod? It allows you to take a photo that is perfectly in-focus and composed. When you use a high-quality tripod, you can shoot at slower shutter speeds. This technique can make construction site photography look more compelling. It blurs movement and makes clouds appear smoother.

How do I use it? Set your camera on the tripod with a remote or timed shutter release and lock it down so that there is no movement. Then go about taking construction site photography as usual.

What else do I need to know? A timer or a remote shutter release will allow you to set up and go! It will give you more time for planning creative construction site photography instead of being stuck behind the camera with your finger on the button! Also, keep in mind that not all tripods are built equally – some offer better stability and adjustment options.

In this post, we have shared some helpful tips for capturing creative construction site photography. Keep in mind the following points when shooting your next project and incorporate these principles into a marketing campaign to help capture all of the excitement on-site! Always ask permission before taking photographs at a job site. Consider where people will be standing or walking near while viewing images online so as not to block their way with your equipment. Pay attention to light conditions by working during times of day when natural lighting is best (e.g., around sunrise and sunset). And lastly, always remember that safety comes first!

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