5 Important Things About Personal Injury Law

5 Important Things About Personal Injury Law

Accidents can be life-changing, especially if you are used to working and earning an income. There are many things to deal with after an accident; however, the only silver lining is that you are entitled to compensation for all damages. Personal injury lawyers, like Lopez and Humphries, make it possible for injury victims to seek justice for any harm endured under the negligence of another. Getting your life back on track after an accident depends on the medical and financial help you receive. That’s why personal injury law is a fundamental part of justice.

5 Important Things About Personal Injury Law

What Do You Need to Know About Personal Injury Law?

1. You Have a Time Limit for Filing a Claim in Personal Injury Law 

There are different statutes of limitations for different states regarding personal injury cases; however, most states provide a 3-year period to file a case. The time starts counting on the day of the accident unless the victim is a child, then their statute of limitations does not start counting until they reach 18; that’s if they do not file a claim immediately after the accident.

To avoid missing out on the chance to file a case against the party responsible for your accident, find out the time limit for your state and act in good time.

2. Personal Injury Law Services Differ for Certain Law Firms

Many law firms are operating and providing personal injury law services. However, some are specialized explicitly in handling personal injury cases. You can see here and learn about the legal proceedings a personal injury lawyer can handle.  It is important to understand which one to deal with, as it can make or break your case.

Finding a firm solely dedicated to personal injury law allows you to deal with experienced and skilled attorneys handling cases similar to yours. 

3. It’s Possible to Change from One Firm to Another

You might realize that your chosen firm is not as ideal as you assumed. As mentioned above, you may have opted to work with a generalized law firm instead of a firm that specifically deals with personal injuries. You need not worry about that because you can change your law firm.

You simply have to seek the law firm you want (if you live in Minnesota, we recommend Weston Law Office) and appoint a new representative to take over your case from the previous law firm.

4. Your Case Might Take Longer Than Expected

Because of their complexity, personal injury claims can take a long time before they are settled; some can go up to 3 years or more before being resolved. A lot of factors can influence the duration that a case may take to settle. 

Therefore some cases may take longer than others, even if the circumstances are similar. Ask your lawyer to keep you updated with the progress of your claim in case you feel like it’s taking too long.

5. Most Cases Are Settled Outside of Court

Few cases make it to court because personal injury cases are often handled through negotiations. Cases are only forwarded to court when negotiations fail to resolve the dispute between the two parties. 

This is when both sides disagree on who is at fault for the accident or when they don’t reach a common ground with the settlement amount.

Get the Appropriate Help

Seek out a law firm that specializes in handling personal injury cases; this way, you get better personal injury law services. Remember, you can always switch law firms if you’re not receiving proper representation.


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