Is Asphalt Paving a Hard Job?

Is Asphalt Paving a Hard Job?

It doesn’t matter the job you do or your career—you must wake up every morning to do your job. Whether it’s a blue- or white-collar job, every job requires effort and determination. This also applies to asphalt paving jobs. 

Naturally, asphalt paving is dirty and hard work, which requires effort, dedication, and determination to make the newly paved surface attractive and functional. Even when asphalt paving companies make paving jobs seem effortless, it’s not as easy as you might think. 

Asphalt paving is a team effort—and everyone involved has their role to play. Supervisors and laborers wake up early in the morning to help in preparing the job site for paving. Both the laborers and supervisors work as a team to ensure that the paving job is done correctly. On the other hand, Foremen coordinate with the sales team and suppliers to ensure that paving materials are delivered to the site on time. 

Is Asphalt Paving a Hard Job?

However, most people still wonder how hard an asphalt paving job is. Well, as said earlier, there’s no easy job. What determines whether a job is hard or not is your attitude and skills towards the job. With that said, let’s look at the top skills needed for an asphalt paving job. This will help you determine whether asphalt paving is the right career. 

  • Hand tools skills – when working on an asphalt paving project, you will be laying, pulling, and pushing asphalt—therefore, you must know how to work with different tools. If you start working on asphalt paving jobs, be prepared to work with hand tools every day. 
  • Energy – yes, you will need lots of energy. As an asphalt laborer, you will face different physical challenges and be required to move around all day long. You will be needed to shovel, push, lift, carry, and pull asphalt materials. This requires physical energy and labor. 
  • The ability to follow directions – because of the different projects you will be working on, you should be able to listen to the directions shared by your foreman and follow them to the latter. Please note that following directions as required helps ensure consistent and satisfactory work. 
  • Time management skills – all asphalt paving jobs have strict timelines. That’s why asphalt paving companies strive to complete projects within the set timeline, which is important for customer satisfaction. As an asphalt laborer, you will be required to complete your daily tasks consistently.
  • Communication skills – when working on an asphalt paving project, you should communicate appropriately with your workmates, including your foreman and supervisor. Having good communication skills means asking and answering questions with confidence and conveying different requirements and instructions to whoever needs them. 
  • Team player – an asphalt paving project is not a one-person job—and it shouldn’t be treated that way. This calls for exceptional teamwork for every asphalt paving project. If you know that you thrive in team-oriented systems and can work with others without complaints, you can easily fit well in any asphalt paving job. 
  • Driving skills – most asphalt paving companies require their workers to have a valid Class A CDL driver’s license. A clean driving record can be a plus if you want to work with an asphalt paving company.

After assessing your skills and realizing that you can work in the asphalt paving industry, you might ask why you should work in the industry. The following are three reasons you’d want to work in the asphalt paving industry. 

You have an opportunity to make a long-lasting impression

When you become a part of the asphalt paving industry, you have the chance to participate in the construction and maintenance of residential driveways, commercial parking lots, roads, and highways in your local area. 

Here are some of the unique benefits that the asphalt paving industry can offer:

  • Permanent and well-paying local jobs
  • Better living standards for residents
  • Economic development
  • Improved community infrastructure

When you choose a career in this industry, you will always take pride in creating infrastructures that other people can depend upon. 

You have a chance to serve the community

You will always be proud to help businesses, families, and local municipalities build and improve their asphalt infrastructure from highways to driveways and parking lots. By advancing your career in the asphalt paving industry, you will actively contribute to the infrastructure that many people use every day. Besides, you can always be proud by being part of your community’s foundation.

There are different career opportunities

The experts from Florida asphalt paving contractor ABC Paving say that careers in this industry are not limited to paving and construction activities. There are other job opportunities, from engineering to sales, service, accounting, and more. Here are some of the most common positions available in the asphalt paving industry:

  • Project managers
  • Plant operators
  • Quality control engineers
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Crew foreman
  • Crew technicians


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