Fortune City

Personal Expense Tracking App Fortune City Helps You Achieve Your Financial Goals in 2022

Authored by Athena Nagel

Fortune City

As 2021 comes to an end and 2022 is looming on the horizon, it’s time again to think of New Year’s resolutions. But if you’ve ever made one (and we know you have – probably every year), you know how hard it is to keep it.

One of the most common goals that are set at the beginning of every year involves money. You may have promised to set aside a certain percentage of your income every month, whether it’s to save up for something you’ve always wanted to buy or just to fatten your bank account. But why is that at the end of the year, you have the same amount you started with – or even less?

It all comes down to money management. You probably have no idea how much you’re spending on things you don’t really need because you don’t keep track of your expenses. And maybe you don’t keep track of your expenses because it’s such a chore. But what if tracking your finances becomes a fun task? Imagine how that can help with keeping your New Year’s resolutions and achieving your financial goals.

Enter the Fortune City app. Fortune City is a finance app that’s more than just your usual budget spreadsheet. It’s a way to track your income and expenses in the form of a game, complete with cute graphics, animation, sound effects, and music.

Now if you’ve ever played a game on your phone, you know how addicting it can be, right? And if the game you’re playing is actually tracking your real-life finances, imagine how effortless and efficient money management becomes.

How Fortune City Works

In this app, you’re a Mayor managing your city. You start by logging your income and expenses and each of those expenses is represented by a building. For example, if you log a food expense, it becomes a food stall in your city. If you log a medical expense, it becomes a hospital.

The more categories you add, the more diverse your city becomes. Aside from your food stall and hospital, you might end up with a toy store to represent your entertainment expenses, a boutique to represent your shopping expenses, and so on, until you have a metropolis. And as your expenses in each category increase, the building that represents it can be upgraded. For example, the more you spend on food, the bigger your stall gets until it becomes a restaurant.

The objective is to grow and build your own city. And you do that by consistently logging your expenses. In the end, you’ll have your megalopolis and, at a glance, you’ll know immediately which categories you’re spending most on.

In other words, it’s a really fun way to take care of money matters. When you know your income and expenses well, you know how to better manage them. And when your finances are managed well, it’s easier to set money goals and achieve them for the new year.

New Feature “Christmas Childhood”

Enjoy the Christmas vibe this season with Fortune City’s special feature “Christmas Childhood.” As snow falls, all characters in the app dress in holiday party attire, and stockings are stuffed with presents, bringing heart-warming Christmas childhood memories to life.

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