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Aiiyme Dog Dryer And Xena Lee

OMG, my dog loves her spa days. What do her spa days involve? First, we start by vacuuming her. Yes, you read that right. She is a Newfoundland and sheds like crazy. The easiest way to stay on top of all that hair and shedding is to vacuum it up directly at the source. Trust me, as soon as the vacuum is turned on she comes running. But just as much as being vacuumed, she loves to be blow-dried with her Aiiyme dog dryer! This dog dryer is the second step in the spa day process.

Aiiyme dog dryer

The Aiiyme dog dryer has a heavy-duty canister – when you feel it you can tell it is high quality and very durable.

AIIYME Professional high-speed dog hairdryer. This dog dryer has an Output Power of 500W-3200W. This pet hair dryer cuts down on drying time by more than 60% when compared to handheld hair dryers and can also be used to dry your motorcycle and car. The thickened metal case will reduce noise and insulate heat efficiently.

Dog Dryer

This dog dryer has adjustable temperatures from 35-70 (95degF-158degF). You can adjust the temperature and airflow speed of your dog dryer to suit your pet’s needs. Of course, my dog likes the airflow speed on high at all times!  AIIYME’s dog grooming blower is perfect for all seasons and dries pet hair faster and with less damage.

Dog Dryer

There is high-temperature resistance with a thickened compound hose as well as a thickened filter to resist dust. The ergonomically designed insulated handle is more comfortable and protects your hand from scorching.

Dog Dryer

There are four different types of nozzles for this dog dryer. These nozzles can be used to dry all kinds of pets. This pet hair dryer has a flexible hose that can reach 78 inches. It is extremely convenient to use and is the first choice for professionals and their families! Complete with a 12-month warranty.

1 x Pet Dog Dryer

4 x Nozzles

1 x User Manual

1 x Flexible Hose

Check out how much my dog loves this dryer – the perfect ending to her spa day!

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