Guide To Per-Diem Nursing


What Is PRN? PRN in medical terms means “pro re nata” in Latin terms which means “as needed” in the English language. PRN and per diem nurses may both have the same flexible schedule. What’s the difference between per diem and PRN? Per diem nurses are assigned to cover a day shift, part of the shift, or even a half shift in different medical facilities while PRN nurses only work for one medical facility. If you want to become a per diem nurse check on the top per diem nursing jobs nearby and Guide to per-diem nursing.


How Many Hours Does A Per Diem Nurse Work?

It depends on the shift you have to cover. Per diem nurses acted as replacements for nurses who were not able to report for their shift. So the hours they have to work will not be fixed. Per diem nurses usually work under a nursing agency, so they are always ready to be called to be assigned to an immediate shift. There are also circumstances when they have to extend their shift.

What are the Benefits of a Per Diem Nurse?

They Have Higher Rates

Per diem nurses have a higher hourly rate. Since they can be assigned to different locations their rates vary. Some medical facilities pay more especially if the nurse’s specialization is in demand. Their pay is higher compared with regular nurses that’s why other nurses would prefer to get per diem assignments. Plus the location is another factor where you can get higher pay, if you happen to be assigned to cities who have higher rates for per diem nurses then you can earn more.

Schedule is Flexible

Some nurses want to pursue their careers but also want to have time to spend with their family or other priorities they have. Per diem nurses can be a good option since they can be able to follow their own schedules. Since they don’t have to follow a regular daily schedule they can plan what they want to do with their time and be readily available for an assignment once they are needed. The good thing about working as a per diem nurse is that you can decline an assignment if you think it can not fit with your schedule. On the other hand, you can take as many assignments as you want as long as you are free and you can earn more. The flexibility of schedule is one of the reasons why nurses choose this job over a full-time one.

Be Given the Opportunity to Expand Your Skills

As a nurse, boosting your skills is relevant, especially if you plan to settle on a specialization you can practice when the time comes that you have to settle for a regular nursing job. Per diem jobs can be your stepping stone in acquiring more knowledge. You will need to be able to perform all the duties and responsibilities as a nurse in your future specialization. Getting exposed to different areas can be a good way to train your mind to perform and apply the knowledge you learn with the patients you are assigned to as well as learn to adapt to different work environments. As a nurse, you should be able to develop your skill in dealing with different people since it will be part of your career.

Chance to Balance Work and Life

Oftentimes due to the busy schedule people tend to lose the balance between life and work. Being a nurse is one of the professions that require long hours of work. Getting a per diem nursing job can be a good start or a break to pursue your career but still manage your time to determine what you really want. You can take off when you want to or you can even work on peak season and be free on off-peak season. This way you can be able to plan what you want to do with your life, maybe spend more time with your family without having to worry about leaving your work or traveling to places, and still be able to keep your nursing job.

Hope these guides to per-diem nursing can help you decide to take the opportunity to grow your career as well as keep your schedule free to do the things that matter to you the most. Balancing work and pleasure is often challenging, but if you can do it by having a per diem nursing job then do so.

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