The Fascinating History Behind Fruity Slot Machines

Fruity slot machines

Fruity slot machines are long-running forms of casino slot games that have a fascinating history behind them.


Fruity slot machines are one of the longest-running forms of a slot game. The fruit has always been a popular slot game theme, with the earliest known slot machine using fruit as the symbols on the reels. Fruity slot machines really exploded in popularity when they started being used in bars and pubs. Many people will associate the fruit slot machine with these establishments as a result. Fruity slot machines are well-liked by players due to their relaxed and enjoyable theme, bouncing, and catchy music as well as amazing payout potential. Arguably, the popularity of the fruity slot machine peaked in the 1960s, with the popularity of the electric slot. However, they have seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years.

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Players may have noticed a resurgence in the fruity slot machine over the past few years. This is not a bad thing as it means that a whole new generation of players will get the opportunity to enjoy these fruit-themed slot games. The following are some of the reasons for the resurgence in popularity for the fruity slot. 

  •     Fruity slot games are loved by players today because of their consistency! It is ironic because they originally lost popularity due to innovative new slot features and bonuses taking over the market, today players want a little bit of that simplicity back in their games. As there is a very simple layout to follow and not an abundance of bonuses used in these slots, sometimes the simple ways are the best.
  •     The design of this slot machine is also something that has drawn players to it. This slot design has bright and eye-catching colours which are sure to capture players’ attention, the fruit machine design has become viewed as a classic over recent years so it makes sense why so many players would be interested in trying it out.


As one of the most popular slot variations, there are many great examples of a fruity slot game. The following are some of the very best fruity slot machines to have ever been released. 

  1. Fruit Zen was developed by Betsoft and it features a unique take on the classic fruity slot machine. As the name implies, the theme of this fruity slot is much more relaxed than any other. It uses relaxing music and a soothing background setting to put your mind and soul at ease whilst you spin the reels.
  2. Fruit Spin was developed by NetEnt and it is pretty much a modern rendition of a classic fruit slot machine. The symbols are based on fruit slot machines of the past, however, the modern designs and graphics help bring them to the twenty-first century. There is also great win potential from this slot thanks to its fun bonus features. 

Final Thoughts

Although they have a long history, fruity slot machines are still popular today. They certainly have a place in the future of slot gaming too!

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