Where To Find a Good Electric Wheelchair Scooter

Where To Find a Good Electric Wheelchair Scooter

Wheelchairs empower individuals by giving them the option to increase their mobility. They allow people with disabilities to enhance their quality of life and complete daily activities with ease. Wheelchairs are typically used by people who have difficulties with walking due to old age, an illness, an injury, or other disabilities. A user can simply sit in the device and propel it forward by turning the wheels manually. Some wheelchairs use an automated system to operate. Overall, wheelchairs are a necessary assistive tool for those with disabilities who want to navigate their daily routines independently. An electric wheelchair allows for more mobility without having to rely on upper body strength or risking muscle strain. Learn where to find a good electric wheelchair below.

What is 1800wheelchair?

If you reside in the U.S. or the UK and you’re looking to purchase an electric wheelchair scooter, 1800wheelchair has over 1,200 different types of mobility products to increase your maneuverability. The business opened in 1998 with the hope to fill a void in the mobility equipment market. In 1999, they implemented distribution centers in New York and Chicago, then launched a website in 2000. It was the first online medical supply company in its category to sell scooters and wheelchairs of all types. The founder of the website knew how much wheelchair users would benefit from being able to order mobility devices online. Today, you can find the best mobility scooter for your needs and browse through portable travel scooters as well as power wheelchairs. The company has now serviced over 1 million customers. Now that you’re aware of what 1800wheelchair offers, you can keep reading below to learn more about finding a good electric wheelchair.

How do they compare to manual wheelchairs?

Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs rely on the user or the caretaker. Independence may be limited depending on the user’s ability to maneuver themselves. It requires a lot of upper body strength and the use of large muscle groups to operate a manual wheelchair. They’re less expensive than electric varieties, and they’re easier to transport. But using a manual wheelchair can cause fatigue, and users find trouble with navigating uphill slopes. An electric wheelchair runs on a motor and a battery. Users can maneuver these devices with buttons or a joystick. Some of them can travel across gravel and different terrain, while others allow you to climb upstairs. The downside is that they’re quite expensive and they’re heavy, so travel may be difficult. Power wheelchairs also require you to charge the batteries. But overall, they’re great tools because they allow the user to travel longer distances, and there aren’t any issues with slopes.

Find electric mobility scooters that suit your lifestyle.


The 1800wheelchair site offers a variety of power chairs and scooters that allow you to navigate freely. Choose from three-wheel and four-wheel scooters, as well as all-terrain power chairs and even portable travel scooters. There are plenty of options with different tire types, battery charge times, and maximum speeds. The performance of a wheelchair typically has to do with the operating range and the weight capacity. Meanwhile, the maneuverability of a wheelchair has to do with tire type, the assembled weight, the turning radius, ground clearance, and the maximum recommended incline.

When you visit the website, you’ll find different equipment options for your increased mobility. Customer service representatives can even help you navigate the decision process. That way, you can choose a wheelchair that suits all of your needs. Because the site makes high-volume orders, you get the lowest prices available on the market. And with a network of nationwide warehouses, you’ll get timely delivery on your new electric wheelchair.

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