How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

Borzoi dogs are distinguished by their tall, lean bodies, long, narrow heads, and silky coats that symbolize the breed’s elegance. Borzois carry themselves with dignity, and one can easily imagine them snoozing in the palaces of Russian tsars or chasing down wolves in the countryside.

Borzois aren’t high maintenance, but they indeed require your attention. Firstly, you have to research the best Borzoi breeders in your region who share the health clearances of the puppy’s parents with their customers.

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

Borzoi Care

Since Borzois are gentle giants, it’s easy to mistake them for a very low-maintenance breed. Before bringing a Borzoi puppy home, you should know how to care for it. You can read about some of those essential things below:

●      Living requirements

As Borzoi are running dogs, they require a home with a large, fenced-in yard. Residents of apartment buildings should devote themselves to providing their Borzoi with regular, thorough exercise.

While Borzoi dogs are tolerant of cold weather – their coats historically protected them from the cold Russian winters – they don’t perform well in the heat. When you live in a warm climate, you should exercise your dog during the coolest hours of the day, find an indoor dog park, and offer cool water playtime for your pet. Water, shade, and air conditioning should be available at all times to prevent heat exhaustion.

●      Training

Borzoi dog owners typically need to be patient, consistent, and a little humorous. Their quiet nature and stubbornness are reminiscent of cats. Borzoi dogs may be gentle, intelligent, and well-mannered; however, they are also independent (so training them may be challenging). With repetitive and seemingly pointless activity, they could easily become bored and are sensitive to harsh treatment. Therefore, raised voices or punishment will not work for your Borzoi. Positive reinforcement and early socialization are essential to keep your dog’s behavior in check.

●      Nutrition

A typical Borzoi diet consists of four to eight cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals. All dogs vary in size, age, weight, build, metabolism, and activity level, affecting how much they eat.

An active dog requires more care than a couch potato. You should also consider the food quality – better dog food is more likely to nourish your dog, and you will need less of it to put into his bowl.

The Borzoi dog is prone to gastric dilatation-volvulus, or bloat. You can reduce the chances of this often-fatal condition by providing your dog with two or fewer meals per day instead of a large one. You should also avoid exercise for a couple of hours before and after you give a meal to your dog.

●      Grooming

As a result of their long, silky coat, the Borzoi sheds a lot and requires frequent brushing every couple of days to remove loose hairs and dirt. The Borzoi sheds annually in the summer and fall, which requires regular grooming. The coat of this breed is unique because of its texture and the way it is distributed on the body. For example, there should be a frill on its neck and feathering on its hindquarters and tail. Like most dogs, this breed should also be bathed and trimmed frequently.

Additionally, Borzois require regular brushing of their teeth to remove bacteria in the tartar buildup. A stale mouth is home to various severe disease-causing germs. You can either do daily brushing or two to three times a week. It will keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and prevent bad breath.


Borzois make incredible family dogs; however, you need to be extra careful about their health and behavior. There are various Borzoi breeders out there, but you should choose a certified and experienced breeder so you can learn everything about your puppy.


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