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Authored by Athena Nagel

Compared to most other Connecticut cities, Branford folks fare exceptionally well on several factors, including health. For instance, the city has lower chronic health ailments, smoking, and dentist visits.

However, the common flu (or Influenza) has troubled city residents year after year, just like other Connecticut regions. It causes unpleasant symptoms, pain, and suffering, sometimes leading to hospitalization and even death in the severest of cases.

That’s why it is crucial for city residents of all ages to get flu shots in Branford, CT, to protect themselves from this dangerous illness.

The following brief but valuable information can help new residents know more about this potentially deadly disease and why it warrants a vaccination.

flu shot

About the flu and who is more at risk

The flu is a formidable and highly infectious disease that affects millions of Americans each year, leading to severe consequences in the most serious cases. Branford witnessed as many as twenty deaths because of the flu in 2013, with several more hospitalized with chronic symptoms. The infection spreads rapidly from October to May each year across the city, infecting people of all ages and genders.

That being said, city folks most at risk of contracting the virus are infants and children aged five and less, pregnant women, older adults, folks over sixty-five, and those in nursing homes. Besides these groups, the flu can also be easily caught by locals suffering from underlying health conditions such as heart problems, neurological conditions, liver disorders, muscle disease, etc.

Therefore, if you have an existing health issue, it is even more critical for you to get the flu vaccination. That’s because almost nine out of ten people admitted during the flu season in the state typically suffer from some pre-existing ailment.

How the vaccine works

The doctors in Branford administer shots that protect residents from the three most prevalent flu strains – H1N1, H3H2, and Influenza B. The vaccine causes the human body to produce antibodies approximately two weeks after the shot. Residents who opt not to take the vaccine suffer from more severe symptoms and have a weakened body to fight the infection.

Local doctors recommend that every Branford resident get vaccinated right before or during the beginning of the flu season in the city every year. This can help them better prepare to deal with the flu season and avoid severe symptoms while preventing further health complications.

Where to get the shot

Residents should know that over twenty vaccination centers in the city provide the sought-after and essential flu vaccine. Moreover, flu shots in Branford, CT, should typically be available in urgent care centers, primary care clinics, hospitals, and local pharmacies.

It is best to seek a reputable Branford hospital that provides the vaccination and the treatment for Influenza. These places are run by expert and experienced professionals who charge reasonable prices for top-notch healthcare. Moreover, they also offer emergency medical care to locals who fall prey to road accidents, workplace injuries, sudden viral infections, allergic reactions, and more.

Remember that while you can walk into a local clinic of your choice and get the shot, the better way is to book an appointment online to eliminate or reduce your wait time.


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