5 Essentials To Include on Your Dog’s Travel Checklist

5 Essentials To Include on Your Dog's Travel Checklist

If you are planning an upcoming vacation and have a pet dog, you have two choices. You can either bring your dog along on the trip, or you can find a place for him or her to stay. Either way, whichever decision you choose will require some planning. If you are relocating to Singapore and need to shift your pet there, you should check Singapore pet travel regulations.

Although dog boarding and training Miami FL can be a great option if you cannot bring Spike along, what should you do if bringing your beloved four-legged family member works for your trip? In this case, you will need to pack some essentials in your bags such as the ones on this list.

5 Essentials To Include on Your Dog's Travel Checklist

1. Sturdy Leash

Because you never know when your dog will get nervous or excited when traveling, it is a smart move to pack a sturdy leash that you know will not break if he or she decides to suddenly pull or bite through it. Whenever you are in a vehicle, keep the leash in a secure spot nearby. You never want to pack it away where it will be difficult to retrieve.

2. Food

No matter where you go, of course, your dog will need food. Because there is often no way to know if your destination will supply the same type of food your dog regularly eats, it is best to pack enough for the entire trip, if feasible. While you are it, make sure to pack extra just in case.

3. Portable Water Bowl and Bottle

Although food is necessary, water might be even more so. When packing supplies, include both a portable water bowl as well as a bottle. The bottles work well for connecting to crates and carriers while portable bowls are good for the hotel or roadside stops.

4. Familiar Blanket or Bed

There is no getting around the fact that travel is stressful for many pets. If this sounds like your dog, then packing a familiar blanket or bed is that much more important. Animals connect well with smell, so if you have something that feels like home to your pet, bring it for his or her comfort.

5. Puppy Pads

Even with great pet care planning, sometimes accidents happen. This is especially true in high-stress scenarios such as unfamiliar travel. For this reason, puppy pads can be a lifesaver when you want to avoid unwanted messes in your vehicle’s backseat and other inconvenient places.

To make your upcoming vacation with your dog as stress-free as possible, be sure to pack these essentials.

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