The Must-Have Audio Visual Equipment for a Corporate Event

Have you attended a major corporate event, and the engaging video display or high-quality presentation impressed you? You can thank the audiovisual equipment for that.

Audiovisual presentations play a key role in the success of a corporate event. AV equipment ensures that participants at the far end of the venue can still view and listen to the presentation. The lighting system creates the mood for the various phases of the event. 

Every corporate event is unique. Therefore, the needs for audiovisual equipment vary as well. To ensure that you have every audio and video equipment for your event, create a must-have AV checklist. 

Checklist of must-have AV equipment

You will find quite a wide range of equipment for audiovisual presentations. Many suppliers will present a list to match your event presentation requirements, but others might add some equipment you do not need. Thus, it is essential to understand the different AV equipment. Further, knowing which ones are crucial to your corporate event is necessary.

Speakers, projectors, and screens

The size of your event, your venue, and the event’s format will let you determine the number of screens and speakers you need. Installing several screens, LED panels or LCD monitors for large corporate events is necessary. Likewise, you need several speakers to ensure that participants farther from the stage can still hear the presentation clearly. Safety is a concern for additional screens/monitors and speakers away from the stage. For this reason, make sure the AV supplier is using a sturdy sound bar mounting bracket and secure screen/monitor mounts to prevent accidents.  


Microphones may look simple, but they are powerful tools vital to presentations. If you have several speakers, see that you have enough. However, you should also consider the type of microphone/s you need. 

A wired microphone is more reliable if you have a single speaker for each part of the presentation. But, if there will be multiple speakers at once, better use wireless microphones to avoid tripping and wires tangling. You may need individual lavaliere (clip or lapel) microphones, wireless hand-held microphones, or tabletop microphones for panel discussions. For product demonstrations, provide lapel or headset microphones so the speakers will have both hands free. 


A mixer is an electronic console to manipulate, adjust, and combine audio signals before sending them to the speakers. The size of the soundboard depends on the number of microphones and external sound systems you use. 

Video switcher

The video switcher is like a soundboard, but it manipulates the visuals. It selects the incoming video signals and sends the output to a video recorder, monitor/screen, or streaming device. Discuss the type of content the speakers have, to ensure that the video switcher fits the input/output.

Stage lights

Stage lights add colour, drama, and mood to the entire event. In addition, using them gives you opportunities for corporate branding. 

See to it you have a backup of different adaptors such as slide carousels, laptops, and other devices, in case of last-minute changes or the speaker’s content does not match the sound or video mixer. 

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