6 Fascinating Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons are likely one of the most unique and interesting creatures in the animal kingdom. They are almost certainly one of the most interesting nuisance animal species. They have the unique ability to be perfectly adept whether they are in the middle of the wilderness or living in a suburb of a major city. There are so many unique facts about raccoons that they deserve to be explored in-depth. Continue reading to learn six fascinating facts about raccoons.

They Have Unique Paws

One fact that sets apart raccoons from most other critters in the animal kingdom is the construction and function of their front paws. While they do not look the same as human fingers, the toes on a raccoon’s front paws act almost in the same way. Because of this unique anatomy, raccoons can perform many tasks that most animals could not. Since they pretty much have the use of fingers, they are able to peel, pry, and pull many different items. This could be one of the reasons that they are able to live in urban areas, as well as natural settings, as the finger function provides such an advantage in many situations! Beyond the finger function of their paws, raccoon paws are also very sensitive, particularly when they are in the water, which allows them to sense their surroundings very well.

They Carry Many Diseases

Raccoons may behave like hygienic little creatures, but they have been found to carry many diseases. These diseases range in severity from mild to potentially deadly, but some of the most common are raccoon roundworm, rabies, leptospirosis, and distemper, in addition to many more. Some of these diseases can be treated, such as rabies, but some are not treatable and can potentially put you, your family, or your pets in serious danger. While these diseases being spread to humans is a fairly unusual occurrence, it is a very real threat. This is one of the many reasons people begin to have second thoughts about having a raccoon as a pet.

Raccoons Are Smart

One of the interesting things that set raccoons apart from most nuisance animals is that they are intelligent. While they may not rank as high as many members of the mammal family in pure brainpower, raccoons are unique in that they are great at learning through past experiences. Like many animals, they often learn through the consequences of their actions, which provides them with a significant leg up in the future. This usage of past experience allows raccoons to approach situations in the future with the knowledge that they have gained in the past, helping them to survive longer and thrive in many different situations.

Raccoons Are Destructive

While they might seem like a fun animal to watch run around your property, raccoons are very destructive and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and properties if they are around long enough. Many raccoons like to make their way into people’s homes, particularly their attic, where they will tear up insulation, chew through drywall, and begin to damage the building materials of homes. If you are having problems with raccoons in your home or on your property, ask an expert at Wildlife X Team Nashville how they can help you out.

Raccoons Do Not Hibernate

While it is a common assumption that raccoons hibernate during the coldest months of the winter, it is actually not true. Raccoons actually do not hibernate, but they do have the ability to sleep for weeks at a time while the weather is nasty, preventing them from facing the elements. This is why raccoons can be seen scurrying around before winter trying to scavenge up every bit of food they can and why they can be seen devouring everything in sight when there is a warm time period the winter.

Racoon Masks Have a Purpose

The black mask of the raccoon not only gives them a distinct appearance, but it actually serves a purpose. One of the primary functions of the mask is that it helps them see better at night. In addition, it takes some of the Sun’s glare from their eyes during daylight. Regardless, the mask definitely adds to the intrigue and mystery of the raccoon.


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    Raccoons have a higher intelligence than most people realize, placing them in the same ballpark as humans on the mammal IQ scale. In terms of intelligence, monkeys are placed just below humans and great apes, and raccoons, with their average IQ levels below monkeys, are also relatively close to human IQ. Raccoons are well-known not only for their high IQs, but also for their adaptive intelligence and novel ways of thinking.

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