How SEO Can be Used by Chicago Based Companies

There are hundreds of companies based in and around the Chicago area. Each of these businesses has a website that could be directing traffic towards their page from another business using SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is boosting the traffic to a webpage using the algorithm that Google and Bing use for their search engines.

Using certain keywords, a few images, and links inside an article, can drive traffic which can raise the rankings of the page in searches. The higher a page ranks in a search, the more likely people are to find and click on it. There is no quicker death to a link than being hidden on page two of a Google search.

An Overview of SEO

How does one go about pushing to the top of the ranks onto the front page of multiple google searches? By using well-thought-out keywords in a well-written piece. The Digital Marketing Institute has an article here that goes in-depth on how SEO works and below we cover a basic overview. SEO is a complex field that manipulates an even more complex algorithm into working for a company.

Formerly, the top Google searches would be pages filled with the same keyword as searched for. If you searched for the best brand of tennis shoes for sports, you might get a couple of links to various brands of sports shoes in the form of paid advertisement links with a spew of pieces written using the terms “best brand tennis shoes” or “tennis shoes for sports” in a high percentage.

Since then, Google has gotten smarter with how it searches the web. It ranks pages depending on certain criteria including the quality of a piece and the quality of the website. Having a high-quality webpage is just as important as having high-quality content that people want to read.

The AI that Google uses to search web pages is constantly learning from where people click with search results. Not only does it use previous searches through cookies to direct an individual but uses the individual’s results to lead others to certain pages. Keywords will lead Google to your page. An optimized webpage will keep people on your page. Google will recognize people who stay on your page and will direct others to your page.

You can think of the algorithm as a highway. When people need information about a destination, they use the closest off-ramp and find their way there. If enough people need a certain destination, Google builds an off-ramp with a more direct route to the most popular webpage. SEO is like a billboard on the side of the road. By highlighting things people want or need, they drive traffic to your page.

SEO for Chicago-Based Companies

For companies in a high-traffic area, where a lot of similar companies can be found, it is important to rank high on Google’s charts. Chicago has an incredible number of businesses and each one vies for a top spot on Google. With the best SEO, a company can find themselves gaining more traffic to their webpage and more interested parties being led to their company.

When it comes to writing SEO about a company in a certain area, it is important for the writer to be familiar with the area and how people there live. A good idea for SEO in the Chicago area is finding a Chicago-based SEO writer like Ken. When your SEO professional is familiar with the area, they can write in a voice that will reflect how others in the area think. When people feel they find a business with a similar voice to theirs, they are likely to stay on that page.

The same can be said for many forms of business. People enjoy working with others on their level and having an SEO writer who can write in various voices for your audience can help spread your business onto the pages of a broader range. SEO writers in Chicago will have a different voice than those who honed their craft working with businesses from Los Angeles or New York.

Branding in Chicago for SEO

With a distinct Chicago accent in their writing, SEO specialists in Chicago can also help brand your page to fit the Chicago mindset. As the Digital Authority states here, branding is very important. Without branding, we would have adhesive bandages, facial tissues, and infant bodysuits rather than Band-aids, Kleenex, and Onesies.

SEO can help people associate your brand with a product specifically. With the best use of keywords, your products will be associated with a variety of searches that will keep your brand in the minds of consumers.

In Chicago, your company needs to be the first people think of when talking about your products. If you don’t rank top in people’s minds, then the best strategy can be to take your brand to a broader audience on the internet.

It can be a challenge to reach the top ranks of Google’s algorithm, but once you are there it is important to stay on top. Having a brand can keep people coming to your company. This will drive traffic to your webpage which will pull more traffic into your page with Google’s newly formed offramp directly to your page.

SEO for Businesses in Chicago

As with all businesses that have a webpage, SEO is an important aspect of driving traffic. Not only should you ensure your webpage is optimized, but also optimize the information found there. Once you begin to see traffic increase on your page, Google will increase the number of people who see your page.

SEO professionals optimize your page so that your business will see an increase in traffic in as little as six months. They work with you and your brand to drive traffic which will increase sales and get your company a top spot in the coveted Google search pages. Once there, they can help you keep your spot and direct traffic to your company.

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