How To Clean A Stinky Cigar Ashtray

Smoking cigars is a ritual for the aficionados out there. It is common for people to smoke cigars as a way of celebration and even without celebration. Smoking cigars at gatherings, outdoors, and at parties have become a norm.

However, with cigars, you must also ensure that you maintain essential hygiene. This includes keeping your lighter clean, cigar ashtray, and humidor in great condition. Today our topic of interest is how to clean a stinky cigar ashtray.

Day by day, you sprinkle ash in your cigar ashtray, whether you are putting out cigars to save for later or smoking the entire cigar in one go, your ashtray is going to get full. Time by time, this cigar ashtray becomes old, and the ash forms layers. When there is enough layering on the ashtray, cleaning it is difficult. Hence, you should clean your ashtray after two to three days.

But how do you clean that cigar ashtray? What is the best way to do so? How can you do so as efficiently as possible? These are fantastic questions to ask as you seek to be a responsible smoker.

Ways To Clean Stinky Cigar Ashtray

There is not one but many methods to clean a Stinky cigar ashtray. In addition, we will also discuss some of the kitchen ingredients you can use to clean your cigar ashtray. However, we will discuss the methods to clean ashtrays made from specific materials. Remember that these specific materials have different elements to account for, so it is quite critical to make note of the different methods for different ashtrays.


Porcelain is a sensitive material. Hence, we cannot use abrasive methods to clean it. You just have to use a soft, dried, clean towel for a porcelain ashtray. You can also make a soap and water mix, but the soap should be non-abrasive. In addition, you should use only a sponge to clean the porcelain ashtray. This should work out quite well when it comes to porcelain ashtrays.


Melamine is plastic, heat, and scratch-resistant. Hence, you can use any material to clean a melamine ashtray. You can use a disinfectant, dishwasher, or soap with regular water to clean melamine. However, suppose you have a colored ashtray or an intricately designed melamine ashtray. In that case, the melamine ashtray’s color and painted design might fade due to consistent cleaning of the melamine ashtray with soap, water, disinfectant, or dishwasher. This is very important to think about when it comes to Melamine.


Ceramic is one of the most common materials used to make ashtrays. For cleaning ceramic ashtrays, you can use a non-abrasive soap with water and a sponge for cleaning. In addition to this, you can also use disinfectant tissue paper to clean ceramic ashtrays. Remember that ceramic is a little different and requires a little more care while handling.

Glass and crystal

If you own a glass or crystal ashtray use a sponge to clean it. It’s better to use a regular soap and water concoction to clean your ashtray. Avoid any bleach wipes or disinfectants as they can lead to cracks in your glass. If your glass ashtray has a colored logo, then due to cleaning, it might fade away over time.

Clean Well and Enjoy!

Maintaining a clean ashtray to enhance your cigar smoking experience is important. The methods above can be used on ashtrays of different material compositions.

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