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Ideas to Design a Kitchen for Your Tiny House

A tiny house is an ultimate balance between space utilization and comfort. As Redsail Property Management says, ideally a tiny house must take advantage of every square inch of available space. Since space is limited, every little nook and cranny must be utilized for something.

A kitchen is considered the heart and soul of a house, and it is one of the most widely used common areas of the house that each family member accesses. While you may not be living with a big family in your micro condo, even if you are living as a couple, a well-built kitchen is an absolute necessity.

Not only should you have every appliance you might need in the kitchen, but since it’s a tiny house, you must be very mindful of its size, layout, and utility. For instance, the ideal tiny house kitchen cabinets range from 12, 24, to 36 inches. The exact sizing of the base and wall cabinets, along with the countertop, depends on the precise spacing available in the kitchen.

In addition, the kitchen must be cost-effective, and all the components and fixtures must fit your budget.

So, here are some tips and ideas you can follow to design a perfect kitchen for your tiny house.

  • Use open shelves

Traditional kitchens have closing cabinets which can make the kitchen feel small. So, opting for open shelving is a viable option wherein you can save space and make the kitchen look less cluttered.

In addition, a cabinet door opens and shits, which might require you to plan out an additional twelve to eighteen inches of space for the door to open at a forty-five-degree angle.

When using shelves, you can buy organizers and other things to store all the plates and bowls vertically to maximize the space.

  • Use organizing tools

When designing a kitchen, you must consider making extra space to store cooking paraphernalia. Consider buying baskets, cards, shelf dividers, and stands for your kitchen, which you can use to store additional items in your kitchen.

It will be better if you buy organizers that can be folded so that you can tuck them away when they are not in use.

  • Use bright colors

As a rule of thumb, you must avoid using dark colors when designing small spaces.

The backsplash, shelves, decorative items, hawk, and countertop must be of lighter color as it creates an illusion of space.

  • Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect that can make or break your interior design.

Nowadays, there’s an ongoing trend of using lighting under the cabinet. Not only does it highlight the countertops and the cabinets, but when you pair it with a light color scheme, the kitchen will look bigger than it is.

  • Use appliances of the right sizing

The ideal tiny house kitchen cabinets have only twelve to thirty-six inches of space on the countertop or inside the cabinets. So, the appliances and fixtures for the kitchen must be sized accordingly. Consider buying only a two stove hawk, mini-fridge, small dishwasher, miniature coffee machines, multipurpose sink, and other such appliances or fixtures specially designed for tiny houses.

This way, you will neither compromise on the kitchen’s functionality nor its design.

Choosing the right colors, well-sized appliances, and proper lighting will help you make an ideal kitchen for your tiny house.




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