Elegear Cooling Pillow Cases and Blanket – Tips For Keeping Cool At Night

Summer has arrived and so has the heat! For the most part, where I live, the temperatures have been in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Although that isn’t unbearable compared to some areas of the world – it is plenty uncomfortable to sleep in. So how does a person keep cool when trying to sleep? Here are some tips to get more comfortable.

  • Invest in air conditioning or cool down with cold washcloths before bed.
  • In hot climates, use a cooling washcloth or hot water bottle with ice in it, to cool yourself down before bed.
  • Hanging wet towels on the windowsill before going to sleep can help to cool down your body temperature.
  • You can also take a cool shower before going to bed. Cooling showers are more efficient than cold ones as they wick away perspiration.
  • Changing your sleeping position can also help to keep you cool. Sleeping on your side can exchange your body heat with your partner.
  • Open a window across the room so that air can flow in faster.
  • Choose lightweight, breathable blankets. 

Sleeping with Elegear’s Cooling pillow cases and blanket makes all the difference in comfort while sleeping. These pillow cases and blankets are made with cool technology double fabric. One side has Japanese Arc-chill cool technology fabric on top with a cool-sensing value of more than .4 (most cool sensing fabrics are .2). This fabric absorbs heat quickly allowing for a cool, sweat-free restful night. The other side of the blankets and pillowcases is 100% soft cotton which is very comfortable to the touch, breathable, and perfect for Spring and Autumn sleeping.

I absolutely love that one side is for hot summers and another side for cooler evenings. These are perfect for our nights at the campground! The cooling side feels very much like smooth silk.

I very much look forward to sleeping now! Ultimate comfort no matter how hot it gets. These are machine washable. Best of all, these blankets and pillow cases fold up quite small. Their compact size allows for easy packing and portability. The cooling pillowcases also zip so there is no sliding around.

Are you looking for a perfect gift? That special something to send your student off to college? Or to their first home? This is the perfect solution.

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