5 Body Care Products To Level Up Your Routine

Self-care has become a revolution, prompting many people to care for their bodies more to radiate happiness to others. Because, as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  

Taking care of one’s body became second nature to one’s mental health. It has been noted that when you pay attention to your body and give it the pampering and TLC, it needs, depression and anxiety will be reduced, and you’ll generally have a better outlook and vibe.  

There are many body products that you can use to level up your routine, you can buy them in the drugstore, or you can create your concoction to make it more special and organic. You can make scrubs or even make your own soaps, so you only mix the most natural ingredients to take care of your skin. Here are some body care products that you can use: 

  • Body Wash 

Depending on your skin needs, you may choose a hydrating body wash if you have dry skin, exfoliating body washes to remove dead skin cells, and moisturizing body washes to make your skin dewy and supple. There’s also a body wash that contains salicylic acid, which targets body acne to ensure that bacteria from those awful breakouts are eradicated. 

Many people love body washes because they’re convenient to use and smell nice. Just squeeze a small amount on your bath towel or bath scrub and lather it up, and you’ll come out of the bathroom smelling wonderful and clean. 

Bars of handmade soap with lavender flowers over wood grunge background.
  • Body Scrubs 

Body scrubs work to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Often it contains tiny beads or sugars mixed with other ingredients like milk and coconut oil to make the scrub thick enough to be scooped on the skin.  

You can also make a tub of your own using granulated sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a great scent. Gently rub this on your skin using a circular motion, taking care not to scrub too hard, which may cause abrasion and inflamed skin. 

Carefully rinse off using warm water, and be amazed at how smooth and bright your skin can be after this ritual. Using scrub at least twice a week is ideal, and it’s not recommended to be used daily.  

  • Body Serums 

The environment is filled with pollutants that go through your skin and cause chaos. UV rays, air pollution, and chemical contaminants like cigarette smoke and vehicle emissions are all present around you, and you can’t escape these unless you live inside a bubble.  

Often these contaminants and harmful stuff called free radicals to cause cell destruction in the body, and you’ll see this in how you age with your skin developing lines and wrinkles and becoming blotchy and uneven.  

To save your skin and fight these free radicals, you need products with antioxidants like vitamin C to keep free radicals at bay, so it doesn’t escalate into destroying your cells, making you look old, or worse, giving you skin cancer.  

You may use body serums rich in vitamin C and apply this to your skin to serve as a protective barrier from pollutants. Not only will it protect your skin, but it will also hasten cell damage 

  • Moisturizers 

Moisturizer is essential in preventing your skin from drying up. When your skin loses its moisture, it may develop conditions like eczema and acne. Typically, moisturizing must be done as soon as you head out of the shower while your skin is still wet. You may use either body oil or lotion; it boils down to your preference.  

Moisturizing makes the skin smooth and silky, and it’s even more important to focus on rough areas of the body like the knees and elbows. It will also make you smell wonderful. Although, a good rule of thumb in your hygiene routine is to remember the layering of scents.  

Layering is the concept of using one base scent on all products you’ll use on your body, from your soap to the final product you put on your body, which could be your perfume. A good example would be if you love lavender, choose a lavender scent for all the range of products you’ll use; this way, there will be no contradicting scent.  

  • Sunscreen 

Dermatologists have been stressing the importance of sunscreen since time immemorial. The sun’s harmful UV rays can quickly damage the skin; sometimes, the damage is irreversible. Sunscreen with at least 30 SPF is recommended to protect the skin whenever you come out of the house. Even if it’s cloudy outside, don’t skip your sunscreen because 80% of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the earth, even if it’s cloudy.  

Ideally, apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before you leave the house and reapply every two hours or more if you sweat too much.  


Loving yourself and your body is essential, and pampering yourself using products you buy from the store or made on your own will show that you value this vessel. You commit to giving it the care and attention it deserves because if you can’t love yourself, how will you be able to love others around you right?

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