Productivity And Ergonomics: The Best Way To Organize Your Desk

It doesn’t matter if you work from home or at a shared office; your desk is seen as a reflection of your personality. Your workspace can be scanty but still orderly. It can also be colorful and very personalized. Some workspaces are so chaotic that you wonder how the users get any work done.

Your office desk should be set up efficiently for the best time management and comfort, regardless of your preferences. If you dislike the sight of disorderly files and general disarray, then now is the best time to do something about it. After all, you spend more time using your office desk than on your bed. A well-organized desk space helps maintain better posture, and these ergonomic features can significantly improve your work.

Below are simple tips on how to set up an office desk the right way.

Triage Your Stuff

You most likely do not need half of what is taking up your desktop space. So, in the morning, remove unimportant items from your desk and place them on the floor. As you continue working during the day, only return to the desk items you require for carrying out work-related tasks. By the end of the week, the items still on the floor can be moved to a drawer or dumped in a trash can.

Go With Your Workflow

Most people instinctively carry out activities from left to right. This means items like phones, computers, and other devices are placed on the left. This leaves a clear workspace in the middle, and other outgoing items like stamps and completed paperwork are kept on the right.

Find out which arrangement works best for you and stick with it.

Consider Storage Options

Your desk shouldn’t be the only space available to hold your office items. If you are wondering how to set up an office, there is a wide range of options available and making provision for additional storage is one step in the right direction. Items not frequently used can be stored here.

In addition to the file cabinet where files used occasionally are stored, you should make provision for a shelf where headsets, chargers, and books can be kept. Like a clean desk, organized storage can make your work more efficient and save time.

Save The Space

Anxiety can kick in when you can’t find a space on your desk to spread paperwork. Assign a portion of your desk as a no-litter zone, and emulate the habit of not letting anything stay there while you aren’t working on it. This can be the immediate area next to your computer.

When you have an open desk space, you can review papers or documents right away without having to create space on your desktop. Additionally, ensure this space remains free, so you shouldn’t keep things here too long.

Cut Down On Visual Clutter

Even though you have a perfectly arranged desktop, you may be distracted by other items around you. For example, if you love sticky notes and always place them on your desk or monitor, you’ll have them competing for your attention.

Although sticky notes can be convenient, they often make the desk look disorganized, especially if they are all over the place. Lining your monitor with sticky notes isn’t the best route to take as far as organization goes. Having one or two sticky notes is fine, but placing too many around will give you a hard time concentrating. So you’ll need to get rid of them.

Add A Personal Item 

Keeping your workspace clean is wonderful. However, adding items that mean something to you, like a photo, cartoon, or even your favorite figurine, will help add a warm touch to your office space. You can add any of these items to your desk, but keep them to a minimum so you don’t end up with a messy desk.

Go Digital

Paper is the major reason why most workspaces look cluttered. To go digital, you can begin by moving your calendar, to-do list, and notepad to your computer and syncing them with your smartphone. This way, you’ll have access to files on your office computer even when you are not there. Going digital comes with notifications and alerts to remind you of meetings, tasks, and appointments.

Clear Out Items Under Your Desk

Having enough space for your legs is very important. The cords and cables under your desks are a safety hazard, so use cord tamers to prevent them from tangling, giving you enough room to wiggle your feet. Under your desk should be kept free. This isn’t a storage space, so try as much as you can not to make it one. Also, if you use the floor space to store files, you should move them to a cabinet.

Group Similar Items Together

Another way to organize your desk and how set up an office is by grouping and storing similar items. For instance, all multifunctional office supplies can be stored in one drawer, while items not often used are stored in another.

Keep Only Relevant Documents On The Desk

After reviewing a document, please don’t leave it on your desk. You can either file them away for long-term safekeeping or send them wherever they should be. Having piles of documents doesn’t mean that you are hardworking, just disorganized. Therefore, only keep relevant and urgent documents on your desk, and move them elsewhere when you are done.

Tether Your Cables

It would help if you took care of the electrical cables when setting up your office. Having them tangled under your desk could make your trip and make your seat less comfortable. Instead of leaving them disorganized and cluttered under your desk, invest in organizing and hiding these cables to give your desk a neater look.

Clean Up Before You Go

After organizing your desk, the next step is to ensure it stays that way. Clearing your workspace before you go is one habit that contributes immensely to keeping your workspace organized. A little paper here and there, a jar lid you forgot after lunch, a tipped-over pencil cup, and some other small random trash make your desks look disorganized and cluttered. So it is essential to clean up every day for a fresh, clutter-free start the next day.

Get A Trash Can

Now that your desk is organized, you should get a trash can under or next to your desk if you don’t have one. This makes it easier to throw away trash as soon as you finish it. It would be best if you also got a recycling bin, so discarding papers or plastics can be done immediately when you are done with them.


When your desk is organized, you stay more focused and productive. This is because your work environment affects your ability to work, and when your desk is free from clutter, it becomes easier to create and contribute to whatever needs to be done.

Cleaning your desk is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your workplace. It not only helps you put away distractions but also allows you to think freely and work effectively; with these tips, you can stay focused and organize your way to productivity.

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