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Summer is finally here. Last summer, I was unemployed and struggling to find my passion, so we didn’t do much outdoor entertaining. This year is a very different scenario. I have a thriving copywriting business and my blogs, and we can now enjoy family time.

Ideally, summers are filled with family, fun, camping, grilling, swimming, and much more. This is becoming the summer we have dreamt about for a long time.

Today we broke out the blow-up water slide, and everyone had a blast. Followed by dinner cooked on the grill with chicken, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, potatoes, and so much more! Casa M. Spice Co. made tonight’s grilling a perfect ending to a full day outside.

Perfect Addition To an Evening of Grilling

Casa M Spice Co. has the perfect solution to adding flavor to the grill! Their collection of low-sodium premium spices offers the optimal amount of flavor to any dish! This seasoning also won the 2022 Gourmet Gold Specialty Food Award from Dallas Market Center in the Best Healthy Lifestyle category.

In particular, their Chain Reaction® seasoning is the perfect spice for all foods! This seasoning is the base flavor for their other spice blends, and it pairs wonderfully with everything from meats and beans to fruits and vegetables to eggs. We tried it on chicken breast, steak, and even hamburgers! Everything was a huge hit for our family aged 2 to 59!

Oh, the Heat!

Chain Reaction® is available in three heat levels:

  • Original with just the right background heat to excite your taste buds
  • Controlled with 1/2 the heat for those that like just a slight background spiciness
  • Uncontrolled with 2x the heat of Original to satisfy the spice lover in all of us while striking the perfect balance between heat and flavor
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly
  • MSG Free
  • Low Sodium
  • No Fillers
  • Dairy and Nut Free
  • Animal Product Free
  • Made in Texas

What Do You Get?

Chain Reaction® comes in a 10 oz stainless steel shaker (including a 1-cup refill bag) MSRP $16.99, the 1-cup refill bag for the stainless shaker MSRP $9.99, an 8 oz Plastic Shaker MSRP $11.99, or a 1 pound bulk bag MSRP $22.99.

Where Can You Find It?

Casa M Spices are available in major grocery stores throughout the Southern U.S, in many specialty retailers, and on Amazon.

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