How to Keep Your Backyard Clean and Tidy

Backyards are great! You can use it as a gathering area or simply relax after a busy day. In addition, it can be a place where you enjoy your hobbies, such as gardening.

But as with any other space, the backyard needs maintenance. In the following text, you’ll find how best to stay on top of the clutter and detritus and keep your backyard clean and tidy.

Declutter the Space First

If you want your backyard to look welcoming during the hot summer days, you must ensure everything is in its place and no garbage lies around, degrading the aesthetics.

Therefore, once you decide to clean up your yard, start with eliminating everything that’s broken and/or dangerous for your plants, family members, and guests. This could be old, unused, and broken patio furniture, unattended tools, kids’ toys, and a lot of green waste, such as dry leaves and branches.

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of these items, and you can even do it all by yourself if you work on a budget.

For instance, create a dedicated space in your garage to dispose of the tools. The area should comprise shelves, cardboard boxes, and wall hooks. Next, put your kids’ toys aside while cleaning the backyard, and then build a dedicated playing area where your kids can play and have all their toys in one place.

As for the backyard furniture, if it’s still functional, consider repairing it; It can be an excellent DIY project, evoking your creativity and allowing you to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Another option is to donate it if it’s not broken simply.

Provide a Nice Beauty Treatment to Green Areas

Now, your space can ”breathe,” because you have eliminated the unnecessary artificial elements. But it’s time to roll up your sleeves and focus on the green areas, including the plants and lawn.

For this endeavor, you will need some tools. Yes, the same tools you had previously put in your garage. Take them out, but remember to put them back once you finish the work.

The task list includes:

  • Pulling out the weeds
  • Pruning the trees
  • Raking dry leaves
  • Mowing the lawn

Mowing is not everyone’s favorite activity, and many people tend to postpone it, but a nicely mowed lawn can be a trademark of your backyard. One thing to consider is not to cut the grass too short to prevent weeds from developing and damaging the soil due to sun exposure. Alternatively, and especially if you have dogs, a patch of artificial turf for the pets can look lovely.

Another thing that can present an issue to many house owners is how to dispose of garden waste. One suggestion is to contact a waste disposal center and have their people come and pick up the trash. Other solutions include purchasing (or making) a compost bin.

The great thing about the compost bin is that it is multifunctional. Aside from enabling you to keep your backyard clean, it is a ”tool” for creating natural fertilizer, which you can later use to enrich your plant soil.

Additional Tip: Consider installing a fire pit if you have the means and time. It would be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. A fire pit can be your backyard’s centerpiece, where you can gather with your family and friends and spend a nice time sharing stories and roasting marshmallows. You may wonder how a fire pit might solve the green waste problem – you can use broken branches and fallen leaves to help get the fire started.

Clean the Concrete Areas, Fence, and Lighting Fixtures

Every backyard has a space covered with concrete which gets messy and unappealing if left uncleaned for a while. That’s why your backyard cleaning adventure must include keeping this part of the space neat.

Although you may think such a process takes a lot of time, it doesn’t have to. Just use a bucket, fill it with water, add some soapy liquid, and you are ready to go. However, don’t forget to sweep the concrete before washing it. It’s essential to remove any debris from the surface and then start scrubbing. Finally, use a water hose to rinse.

The water hose is also ideal for washing the fence. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s effective. As for the lighting fixtures, wiping is enough to remove the accumulated dust.

One more tip: Cover your backyard furniture when not using it. You can purchase the covers or use some old larger material and prevent various weather conditions from damaging the furniture.

Make a Backyard Cleaning a Routine

Cleaning a backyard is not a one-time thing. It should happen periodically, ideally at the end/beginning of every season. Of course, you won’t have to do everything listed above every time; you’ll see what the priority is based on the time of the year. The important thing is not to neglect your backyard for any extended period.


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  1. George says:

    You published a really interesting article, but I want to share my story related to cleaning the yard, I had a huge stump that we tried to pull out with the whole family, even the neighbors helped us but nothing came of it, spending a lot of time on it the next morning we decided to recruit a company that could help with this , literally after 2 hours the master arrived and successfully pulled out a huge stump in another 2 hours. Conclusions: trust the work to professionals, although you will overpay for it, but the time will always be with you!

  2. Black Pest says:

    Also, don’t forget about pest control. Include easy tips like getting rid of water puddles, keeping the grass short, and using natural repellents. This way, you can have a great time outdoors with your family, without any pesky interruptions.

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