Benefits Of Online Games Over Age 50

As we age, living becomes more challenging. The responsibilities of family and work can easily wear you down. This can lead to emotional damage. Mental health suffers when you feel like you have no energy left or no way to escape the constant obligations or stress in your life. While this might lead many people to take a vacation, some find it impossible or not worth it because they carry support and obligations that cannot be carried over unattended. One way to avoid this is by taking advantage of online games over 50.

Additionally, As people age, they experience mental declines due to age-related neurodegeneration that negatively affects memory and other important information-processing functions. Online games such as can help.

Mental Stimulation

Playing games is an excellent way to challenge your mind and keep it stimulated. When you play online games, your brain is constantly working to solve the problems presented by the game. This helps keep your brain sharp and prevents memory loss and other mental decline associated with getting older.

Feeling Accomplished

When you play online games, you’re always working towards an objective or goal. You know when you’ve achieved something because your score goes up or the level changes on its own accord. This sense of accomplishment helps keep players motivated and engaged with their games so they don’t give up easily when they encounter a difficult problem or obstacle they need to overcome before they can progress further in the game.

Mental Health Recovery

Many people who suffer from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety find that playing online games helps them feel better about themselves and their situation in life. It is easy for someone suffering from these conditions to get lost in their thoughts or feelings of hopelessness, but playing games can help them focus entirely on something else. Playing games also helps those who suffer from social anxiety disorders by allowing them to interact with others.

Emotional Resilience

You may be surprised to learn that playing video games can improve your emotional resilience. Emotional resilience is your ability to bounce back from negative emotions like anger, sadness, or frustration. It helps you avoid getting stuck in negative thought patterns and moods, which can be extremely detrimental to your mental health.

Online games provide an outlet for you to let off steam when you’re feeling angry or frustrated. Rather than letting those emotions build up until they explode, you can vent them through gameplay instead of taking them out on your friends and family members!

My Personal Favorites

As a wife and mother in my fifties, I make it a point to play online games for 15 – 30 minutes daily. I consider this mental exercise just as crucial as physical exercise. I have always enjoyed playing solitaire but never enjoyed laying the cards out, picking them back up, shuffling, and all while kids were running around. Playing online is the perfect solution. I can play on my desktop, laptop, tablet, or even phone. This is not an app. It is a simple URL that can be accessed from any device.

It looks familiar, right? Windows on computers used to be loaded with solitaire automatically. Somewhere along the way, Windows no longer kept the option. With, I can play not only traditional Solitaire but so many other variations – just about every Solitaire game you have ever heard of.

There are also other games on the site. For example, Gin Rummy. I used to know how to play that game but, over the years, have forgotten. I will be checking it out so I can re-learn. I would love to see a couple of games on this site: Clock Solitaire and Backgammon.

What are your favorite online games to keep your mind sharp?

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  1. Olivia says:

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