How to Write an Effective Essay

From our first days at school, we are taught to write. But let’s be honest, writing an effective and high-quality essay can be difficult and remain elusive even after years of practice.

Being able to write an effective and impressive essay is an incredibly useful skill that showcases your knowledge. In light of this, this article will endeavour to provide some simple tips that can make all the difference.

Having a Plan

Before you even put pen to paper, you need a plan. It will not only guide your writing and give you structure, but it will help you recognize what gaps you have in your knowledge of the topic.

Depending on your existing ability and the topic, a plan doesn’t need to be more than a few dot points. Some people also find it useful to include links between ideas and arrows or colour coding.

Before you start writing your essay, you must be well-versed with what you are writing about. You need to understand the topic enough to provide a thought-provoking analysis of the question. Additionally, it helps you build a perspective, giving you a sense of direction of what exactly you are writing about.

Define and support your argument with evidence and reasoning 

The reasoning is nothing without facts and research to back it up. Facts and figures give your argument legitimacy. Without them, your words carry no weight; they are just opinions.

Thus, once you have created a plan for your essay, start to look at relevant research and where you want to include it.

For instance, suppose the essay’s topic is that technology threatens manpower. In that case, you need to add facts such as obsolete jobs after technology entered the professional world. Or you can even create your own data by taking a survey and including the results within your essay.

Have a clean and coherent copy 

Everyone knows that first drafts are rough; just an initial outlet for all your thoughts. The important role of the first draft is as a brain dump and not a perfect model of writing. Once you progress past the first draft, remember that a readable essay is better.

Make sure that whatever you write is well-drafted and flows well and that the ideas naturally follow each other. This will keep the reader engaged and entice them to read further.

Structure, structure, structure.

Actual writing can be messed up, but the structure is set. Read any essay, journal, or article. You will always see a similar structure. It’s a simple formula; introduction, body, conclusion.

These three elements shape your content and work together in building an effective essay. The introduction is what helps you define your topic. The body will be where you make your argument, and the conclusion will remind the reader of the most important points.

Make sure you follow the structure from the first draft, as it will help you gain perspective and add direction to your writing.

Use spell check to your advantage 

No matter how good you are, you may be unable to avoid errors. These errors include typos and grammatical mistakes that will reduce the quality and readability of your essay.

That’s why you make sure once you’ve written your essay, you run a spell-check along with a grammar check to produce a clean and error-free copy. Most word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word will have a built-in spell check that you can use to your advantage.

Make sure you do the same with all your drafts, especially the final one, keeping the quality and integrity of your essay intact.

Take a break before your final edit

When writing, allow yourself enough time to step away from the piece. Leave 2-3 days where you don’t look at it so you can come back with fresh eyes. This will help you catch errors that you glossed over.

Writing an effective essay can be a daunting task. However, following these strategies and tips can make things a lot easier. Good luck and happy writing!



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