Holiday Fun With Chocolate Covered Sugar Wafer Cookies

chocolate covered wafer cookies

Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies – So Much Better Than Store Bought


Have you ever purchased those chocolate covered wafers at the grocery store?  They come in vanilla, peanut butter and perhaps a couple other flavors.  My favorite has always been vanilla though.  But! What if you made them?  Now I don’t mean make the wafer cookies – You can buy a whole package of those so inexpensively and I have seen them in vanilla, mint, peanut butter, lemon and more.  I don’t really know how many are in a package but more than the package of fudge sticks that are pre-made.

See – these kind of cookies (there are so many brands out there)

sugar wafers

Now the problem with making these is my kids are like puppy dogs begging the entire time.  They never even have a chance to fully cool before the kids are grabbing them and running.  Then they sneak right back for more.

We make them with all flavors but you don’t want to bite into one and think it is vanilla to find out it is lemon.  Therefore we color code them with assortments of sprinkles.


Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies - So Much Better Than Store Bought
: Dessert
  • Your favorite sugar wafer cookies - any flavor
  • Chocolate for melting
  1. It is hard to even write this out as a recipe...
  2. Melt your chocolate
  3. Dip your favorite cookies in and allow to cool on a parchment lined cookie sheet
  4. It is easy as that - however, be prepared to have them eaten as quickly as you can make them.

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