CMY Cubes – Enjoying the World of Color

Sensory items can help persons with autism and other conditions. People of all ages can use them to provide sensory input. They are often made of textured materials, have different temperatures, colors, shapes, and/or make sounds.

Sensory items, also called fidgets, are objects that provide sensory input to the body. They provide a way for people to focus on something other than what is happening around them. These toys can benefit people with autism or other conditions such as ADHD and anxiety disorders.

Benefits of Sensory Toys

Sensory items can help people who struggle with sensory processing issues or anxiety. Many persons on the spectrum have difficulty filtering out unnecessary information coming into their brains through their senses. Concentrating and focusing on one thing at a time can make it challenging. Sensory items help by providing an outlet for all this extra information so they don’t become overwhelmed by it all at once.

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CMY Cubes

As we head into the gift-giving season, we all want to find something perfect for our recipients. Something no one else has ever given them. Something unique and to be cherished. CMY Cubes are the answer.

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The interactive cube creates a fascinating spectrum of colors that constantly changes, providing endless entertainment. The translucent cube’s faces are coated with electromagnetically subtractive materials appearing as yellow, magenta, or cyan at first. These seemingly primary colors transform into a rainbow of colors by simply twisting and turning the geometry. Children and adults will be fascinated and addicted to the CMY Cubes.

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These captivating cubes are made of high-quality materials and have a unique design that will captivate children and adults. CMY Cubes are a popular choice for those looking for a unique experience.

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They’re not the only thing! They are also a non-disruptive sensory tool that can help regulate moods, anxiety, and moods. Fidget toys could also calm neurodivergent learners by providing different sensory inputs during other activities.

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The CMY Cube is a visual aid that helps children with autism focus on the visual aspects and color changes. This can help them to relax, concentrate better, and be more effective in class.

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They have also been shown to be:

  • Increase attention span
  • Reduce anxiety and increase focus
  • Smoother transitions between environments
  • To infuse positive energy and light, you can offer color therapy.
  • Develop the ability to share attention
  • Inspire creativity
  • Teach color mixing, light reflection, angles, and geometries
  • Fine-tune your motor skills and strengthen your fingers

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Why we all love CMY Cubes!

  • Each face is covered with electromagnetically subtractive material that appears as magenta, cyan, or yellow
  • It creates new color combinations by twisting and turning it
  • It can be used to teach color mixing, light reflection, angles, geometry, and many other subjects!
  • You can choose from various styles to match your personal taste or your recipient’s.

CMY Cubes can be a great Christmas gift or a unique toy. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

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