Life Advice From The World’s Most Successful People

Life is about learning. That’s as true at the age of eighty as it is at the age of eight. There are always new experiences to try, successes to enjoy, and failures to learn from. We can learn something new and improve ourselves every day, but we often find ourselves trapped in the mundane, losing sight of our goals and being weighed down by the nonsense of day-to-day living.

We all dream of escaping the rat race, but there are a lot of rats to race before we can get out, so where should we look for advice? The most common-sense answer to that question is that we should look to those who’ve already made it – people who’ve built businesses and become known worldwide for their success.

With that in mind, here’s some life advice from people best qualified to give it.

Work With Passion

Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, has previously listed twenty-one principles for success, but most of them stem from one simple idea – work with passion. If you’re not passionate about your life’s work, you haven’t yet found your calling. What you do ought to inspire you. If you struggle to feel passion for it, you’ll never succeed. You can “fake it” but eventually run out of steam. Passion drives you to work longer and harder for your goals, which will make crucial differences in the end.

Be The Measuring Stick

Don’t ever allow anybody to work harder than you. Be the best in your working environment, no matter what that environment is. Your objective in any role should be to become the yardstick by which others are measured. This was something that Steve Jobs strongly believed in, and who could ever argue with the success that Steve Jobs had in his life? Successful people hold themselves to higher standards than unsuccessful people. They don’t cut corners. They don’t hide or bunk off. They’re always visible, and they’re always striving for more. Other people might set expectations of you but set yours higher.

Embrace Challenges

It’s been said by more than one person that there’s opportunity inside every crisis, but you don’t need a crisis to arrive before you spy an opportunity. Melinda Gates urges us not to look away from difficulties and not to avoid them. It’s often in these moments that you can affect the most change. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown – everybody is, to some extent. If you can lean into it, you might find opportunities you’d never have known existed if you hadn’t stepped outside your comfort zone. Those who take the easy road often become complacent, and complacency is the enemy of success. Take the harder road – you might be surprised by the stops you find along the way.

Set Yourself Challenges

When you work for somebody else, the parameters by which your success is judged will come from them. When you work for yourself, it’s harder to set those parameters. That’s why it’s so important to challenge yourself. Oprah Winfrey, who came from nothing to be one of the most successful and inspiring women of the past century in America, once said that everyone should try to do the one thing everybody tells them they can’t do. It doesn’t matter if you fail – try again. Do better the second time. Learn from failures and keep at the challenge. The only people who’ve never fallen are those who never put themselves in a position to fail – and that’s a lack of ambition.

Take Risks

Walt Disney once said that our dreams could come true if we have enough courage to pursue them. “All of our dreams” might be a stretch, but having the courage to pursue them means taking risks. There is no safe path to success. Some people equate risk-taking with gambling, but there’s risk mitigation even in gambling. Some people load up a casino website, put their money into it, and hope for the best. Other people will load up a casino comparison site like first, do their research, find out which casinos offer them the best chance of making a return, and then spend their money. They’re still gambling, and their money is still at risk, but they have a better chance of success than someone who went in blind. Arm yourself with knowledge, and your risks will be calculated rather than a rash.

Trust Your Instincts

Barbara Corcoran, a successful American businesswoman and entrepreneur, warn us that we shouldn’t “dare” underestimate our instincts’ power. Each of us knows in our gut whether something is right for us. You might evaluate an idea on paper and see no issue with it, but something instinctively tells you that you shouldn’t pursue it. Equally, there will be times when nobody else believes an idea is good, but something inside you says it’s the right path to take. That’s your intuition speaking, and its input is valuable. Don’t question or second-guess it – those feelings exist for a reason. Your brain subconsciously compares the information with past experiences and offers you advice.

Don’t Give Up

If you believe an idea is good, fight for it until the bitter end. Almost every successful businessperson worth their salt extols the virtues of persistence. Elon Musk once said that people should only give up on something if circumstances force them to give up, and until that happens, they should continue with whatever they have. Whether Musk is still worth listening to after the Twitter debacle is debatable, but the point stands. Throwing in the towel too early is the easiest way to fail; there’s a degree of cowardice. Yes, you shelter yourself against further loss, but you also close the door to the possibility of turning things around and succeeding. So long as there’s a chance and there’s just cause to believe that things will change, keep going. That advice is more important than anything else we’ve written on this page.

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