Gold Companies – What a Beginner Needs to Know About Investing

Investing in Gold

              There are many ways to invest in gold nowadays, and one of them is to have a gold IRA. A gold IRA is a self-directed IRA that can buy gold, real estate, or even cryptocurrency. You can also invest in gold by buying it in bullion, coins, or jewelry. You need to be careful when investing in gold to ensure that you get quality gold and not something cheap.

There are many places where you can buy gold, but you must be careful and research before you buy gold. You also want to research where you go for a gold IRA because you need to be careful doing that. You can go to to see if they can answer your questions about gold IRAs. This is a list of gold IRA companies that you can further research to see if you like any of them. Remember, you should not invest in the advice of one or two articles; do your research.

This article will help you to learn more about investing in gold and gold IRAs. It will give you a little information about how to invest in gold and when to invest. There is more to it than this article can provide, so do more research.

Gold Bullion

              Gold bullion is what you think of when you think about gold bars. It is the trapezoid-shaped bars that you see on movies and television that everyone tries to steal. There are also smaller, flatter bars that are also called gold bullion.

Gold bullion can also be melted into other shapes, such as coins and ingots. It is fungible and transferrable and can be traded similarly to currency. If you truly want to truly invest in gold bullion, it must be 99.5% pure. Anything less than that will be difficult to sell because it can be considered “fool’s gold.”

How to Buy Gold Bullion

              Up until around 1933, you could trade your American dollars for gold, dollar for gold dollar. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt did away with that. In 1971, President Richard Nixon put an end to that altogether.

Today if you want to buy gold bullion, you must go to a reputable gold dealer to buy it. You can go to JM Bullion, which many consider the Amazon of precious metals. If you buy $199 or more, you even get free shipping, and that would be easy to do considering the price of gold: APMEX is a close competitor of JM Bullion, and you can search their site and do some comparison shopping, although gold is usually close to the same price everywhere.

You can also buy gold at pawn shops, usually jewelry, but you must be very careful. They are not always the most honest people to deal with, and they may sell you something that is not gold. It is best if, as a beginner, you buy gold from trusted sources.

The best way to buy gold bullion is to buy gold coins, the most popular being the American Gold Eagle. This is a well-known coin that is readily available in many places. They are easy to liquidate and are known worldwide, making them very easy to sell when needed.

It is best not to store your gold at your home. It is too easy to have it stolen or lost. Investing in a safety deposit box at your local bank is better. The safe deposit boxes are inexpensive and well worth the money to protect your gold.

Buying Gold Futures

              Gold futures are another way to buy gold, but it is a little riskier. Gold futures are signing a contract that says you will buy a certain amount of gold on a certain date in the future. You might pay $10 for the contract to buy $1,000 worth of gold on January 10. If the price of gold goes up to $1,500, someone can buy out your contract for $100, and you make ten times more than you paid. You never have to touch the physical gold and can still make money. Again, it is riskier than buying physical gold, but you might like the adventure of buying this way.

You can buy gold futures through a brokerage with the futures market. They will probably also deal with gold futures if they deal with any futures. Make sure you research to find a reputable dealer such as Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

Gold Stocks and ETFs

              Gold stock is what they are talking about when you want to buy any stock related to gold. This can include mining companies, gold exploration companies, ETFs that contain any of these companies, and ETFs that deal with the current price of gold. They are similar to other stocks you can buy on the stock market.

In broad terms, ETFs and gold stocks follow the current price of gold. Overall, buying gold stocks sound and feel familiar to most people, making them more comfortable when buying gold. It is a convenient investment way and makes some people feel safer when buying gold.

              It is fairly simple to buy gold stocks since you can do it with any brokerage that buys and sells any stock. There are tutorials online that can help you to find the right brokerage for you and your needs. You can do your research to find these tutorials, and be sure they are from reputable sources.


              You can buy gold in various ways, including physical gold, gold futures, and gold stocks and ETFs. You must decide which of these ways is best for you and your needs. You want to make sure that you find reputable resources when you are looking to buy gold.


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