Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success

Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success

For many, life is guided by a pursuit toward wealth, knowledge, and happiness. While progress toward these goals can improve the human experience, the benefits only become truly satisfying when shared.

Giving is more enduring than social status or material possessions. As author Joan Marques wisely observed: “The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.”
Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success
This philosophy guides Toronto investor and entrepreneur, Moez Kassam. As he has achieved more success with his business endeavors, Kassam has increasingly devoted focus to helping people in need in his community and across the globe. To facilitate this commitment, he and his wife, Marissa Kassam, formed The Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation. Since formation, the Foundation has supported a range of initiatives. The School Opportunity Fund has been a particular focus.

Established in 2022, the School Opportunity Fund provides grants of up to $5,000 for special projects that enhance learning for students in Toronto schools. The Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation supports the program through the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, an independent, charitable organization dedicated to aiding students in the Toronto school district and helping remove barriers to their education.
Giving Is Truly the Stuff of Success
Schools rely on their communities for support. Unfortunately, it is often the schools most in need which struggle to effectively raise funds from their communities. The School Opportunity Fund is a lifeline for these schools. By providing food, medical care, emergency funds and after-school programs for children in need, students are given more of the resources they need to succeed in school and life.

The opportunity to make this kind of transformational difference in the lives of real people is the reason the Kassams created their foundation. Since inception, they have assisted organizations making an impact across their primary areas of focus: food and shelter, healthcare and research, youth development and engagement, immigration, and arts and culture – locally and globally.

The Foundation’s $2.5 million donation to the Sinai Health Foundation in 2022 is an example of a life-saving healthcare initiative. These funds will advance a new fellowship program that helps Sinai bring its world-leading women and infants program to communities across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Similarly, the Foundation donated $1 million to the Michael Garron Hospital in 2021, and actively supports the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, SickKids VS Limits Campaign, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Community Food Centres Canada, The Fred Victor Centre, The North York Harvest Food Bank and Homes First.

Moez Kassam, his wife and their foundation are also deeply involved in uplifting Canada’s immigrant and marginalized communities. Their efforts are helping these groups forge a path to success in business and society. Through organizations like Institute for Canadian Citizenship and Windmill Microlending enables these people to thrive. They are passionate in their commitment to help each individual and family achieve a happy, prosperous life in Canada.

“We understand the needs of these communities, because we ourselves have lived their experiences and shared these dreams,” says Moez Kassam. “We are deeply invested in their success.”